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Tech Batman FoS interactable reset


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On the left corner interactable on FoS, you can finish a corner combo with MB Straight Grapple, jump over and whiff an j2, then do the interactable and it resets the combo.
Then, if you have 2-3 bats and you time the release right, it leaves them with their back turned to you but still in the corner. Here, let me show ya.

This first video is to show if you just jump over after combo and do the interactable, it continues the combo:

This second video shows the same combo but ending with a whiffed ji2, as you can see you get full damage off the interactable and it resets the combo:

Next video shows me releasing bats, turning him towards the corner, leaving his back towards me (NOTE: I did not have the time to check and see if they can block out of the bats, which I'm sure they can...it's just pretty cool):

Last is a combo putting it all together, almost 100%:

@AK Reno_Racks
@AK RM Blake
@Perfect Legend

@ETC Mcfly I know you've been messing with Batman, see what you can do :)
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