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General/Other Batman: E3 Opinions

Batman has:
- 3 hit string that launches, and can loop like Liu Kang's strings.​
- 3 hit string that ends in an overhead(?) launcher.​
- Robotic Bats that hover around him. Seems like you can charge & release at will. (Think KL's EX Low Hat) Probably an EX special.​
- The Batclaw; Looks like a stun move that pulls him forward for a free combo. When the opponent is in a juggle state Batman will do a flying kick.​
- The batarangs look cool. I hope he has an AA version or Air version.​
- His Super looks cool too!​
Here's my take on Batman in theory:

- He has a projectile, and if it's fast it can be used for zoning & anti-zoning purposes.​
- The Robotic Bats can be combo extenders, or a counter attack to interrupt combos.​
- The cape parry will be used for obvious defense purpose, but it also says "Hide your movements"?​
- The grappling gun will be an obvious stun move, but it may be a good rush down tool if safe on block.​
- The sliding kick will be good depending on if it's like Scorpion's Takedown or Sub-Zero's Slide.​
From the description of his specials I think he will be well rounded, and if he is NRS is doing the right thing!