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Baraka vs Jax MU?

Baraka Marauder Vs Jax Hunker Down MU

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MD| Soberless FGC
Is this matchup in Jaxs Favor, Barakas Favor or even?
On one hand Baraka(Marauder) has awesome range with his buttons F212 and F4 DF1/3.
Above average zoning and great close up with the best jailing from pokes in the game. Not to mention inssine damage from each touch.

Jax(Hunker Down) is great at footsie range and above average close up with limited zoning until heated up but has BF2 and Fatal blow for range and his Fatal Blow heats him up and sets up KB and facilitates clutch.

I think they are relatively even but a friend thinks its in Jaxs favor so I'm asking TYM.
I'd say it's in jax favor but only slightly. 4.5 - 5.5. The reason is because HD jax gets to do what he wants regardless and all of the pressure is on you to stop him/make reads.

It's tough for baraka to stay in optimal range because of amp dash punch. It's also difficult to stay up close because of jax 9frame true mid, f33. Full screen is pretty even considering the damage of both projectiles is the same but jaxs projectile knocks down & his amplified ground pound is +2 on block.

As baraka, you really have to practice flawless block punishing his overheads. If you cant do that consistantly you're probably going to lose. The idea is that you want him to start thinking twice about throwing out save overheads all the time. The downside is that you get significantly less damage by flawless punishing & you come off defensive AND offensive bar to do it. But again, it's more for conditioning than for damage.

Once they accept that they cant just throw out safe overheads they are going to try and stagger f2 & f33. When they do that, you want to inturrupt their throw attempts with 112 for big damage. The downside here is that they are going to mix up with the low and stagger d1, d3,d4 to beat your high starting 11. You just have to live with this. Try and read the low if you can an punish with f4. Whatever damage you take for eating a few d1s is irrelevant if you land 1 combo.

You really have to play the percentages on the match up and live with a lot of bull shit. there is plenty of room to out play jax, but like I said, it's all up to you, his gameplan never changes. You have to read, you have to flawless block punish, you have to risk shit. He just walks in like "hur-dur safe overheads, grabs, 11 frame advancing mids, durr da durr"
damn. just got my ass handed to me by a jax. need to lab. the times I did win, its because I stayed a bit away to abuse blade sparks. its indeed a tough MU.

id still appreciate ref vids how to beat jax.