[Aug 12, 2017] VSFighting 2017 (Birmingham)

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VSFighting 2017
Start Date: Aug 12, 2017 09:00 AM
End Date: Aug 12, 2017 09:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST

Millennium Point
Curzon St
Birmingham B4 7XG

Posted By: JustinXavier21

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  1. Scott The Scot

    Scott The Scot Where there is smoke, there is cancer.

  2. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
    Premium Supporter Moderator

    Dang my two Irish boys in same pool? Wut
  3. jharris

    jharris I'm not surprised, motherfuckers

    pools not streamed?
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  5. Slayer sent to losers by Jet (commenters are saying his name is actually Ik-zee?? or something, so I'm guessing its not jet)
  6. kabelfritz

    kabelfritz Noob

    wait i thought nrs was streaming summer jam today?
  7. DrLupus

    DrLupus "Just a silly old clown"

    Does anyone know who has qualified for Top 32/16 so far? I haven't seen any brackets.
  8. Damn, Xian always gets the worst draws lol, batman from the get-go. Glad to see he's still playing this game
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  10. bishbash

    bishbash Magic as easy as 1 2 standing3

    Ivy did so many j2s in that conversion in scaled the damage to 190 with a bgb...
  11. kabelfritz

    kabelfritz Noob

  12. HeroesNZ

    HeroesNZ Baconlord's Billionaire Sugar Daddy

    Oh Jet might be Aixy. He's a Supergrill player who used to get a bunch of top 8s in Path to Pro before it ended
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  13. kabelfritz

    kabelfritz Noob

    ah i know aixy from mkx i believe
  14. SonicNinja3532

    SonicNinja3532 The Wannabe Prodigy

    Literally everyone except for crathen thats taken him out was a batman, I was the last one to take him out the tourney lol
  15. jharris

    jharris I'm not surprised, motherfuckers

    you still in bro? good luck today if you are
  16. DisturbedSwan

    DisturbedSwan Chasing the Zeitgeist

    Am I allowed to put a few pics up from today?

    If so (some aren't very good :():

    Setting up in the auditorium for SFV early on:


    IJ2 (of course):


    WhiteB0i and Foxy (kind of...):


    Tekken Master and Madzin (Kind off...):


    IJ2 Top-8 (-Biohazard) with their medals:


    IJ2 Top-8 with medals/trophy:


    As my first live FGC event I didn't really know what to expect, I saw all the crowds on social media yesterday and expected it to be teeming with people when I walked in but it was surprisingly quiet. I walked around confused trying to get my bearings for the first half hour and was a little starstruck to see all the IJ2 Pro's casually hanging out playing matches on the landing. After IJ2 finished I came out to see JDCR casually playing sets of T7 too, so damn cool.

    I worked out which areas were which after a while, but didn't find the Smash/Dragonball FighterZ area until much later, I also thought the auditorium was closed initially as it had a velvet rope over it (and you don't ever mess with a velvet rope) but soon enough it opened and I relaxed into the nice comfy chair's of the IMAX theatre.

    It was a really cool environment, super comfy chairs, drink holders and a stupidly large screen, what more can you ask for? Stayed here for the next 6 hours with only one loo break inbetween SFV and IJ2, only watched a few of the Tekken 7 matches before leaving a little early to get some grub before my train home.

    I didn't know the etiquette with the casuals at all, didn't want to barge in so didn't end up playing anything and just watching, probably my only disappointment of the day. I thought folks would play one game/set and then move on like at EGX/Gamescom etc. But it seemed folks were just playing a lot of games with friends etc. and staying there so I didn't get an opportunity to play MVCI and Dragonball, both looked excellent though.

    Overall I really enjoyed it, I think if IJ2 hadn't been there I would've been a little disappointed as (as much as I like watching SFV and Tekken 7) I don't play them much in the former's case and not at all for the latter whereas I know all the personalities and the 'scene' more watching IJ2 and know all the inputs etc. the players are using when I'm watching them. I'm a little biased but I definitely think IJ2 had the most ooo's and ahh's from the crowd, there were some great matches in there.
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  17. Youphemism

    Youphemism Gunslinger since pre patch (sh/out to The Farmer)

    Glad you had fun, was good to meet you man!
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