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Atom's gameplay trailer is here!

So I bet his shrinking is his character power and I guess it gives him full invincibility. He also can't be parried while in trait. I hope you can push block at least so there's a bit of counter play available.


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Dude this looks too good. At like 28 seconds is that some type of ability or is that an in-game teleport you guys think?

And his b3 appears to be that weird blast from the gun, which is actually really cool.
The special move at like 52 secs beat out Black Manta's f2 so it's gonna be an annoying restand special move I'm sure.

And at like 55 secs he does a MB version of the previous teleport I believe. R.I.P. zoners.

His throw is actually freaking awesome.

And he can use his super from his trait. That's ... hype.


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Don't know too much about Atom besides the shrinking so I was confused about the gun and grenades, but he does look really good, i'll definitely be trying him out.