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WE DID IT KANG GANG!!! I am officially SPONSORED by Aspire Esport. I want to personally thank Knippz and Stephanie for believing in me and giving me this great opportunity.
Ninjakiller has landed a pro sponsorship.... this could mean we will start seeing him at a lot of the coming majors. This may be a game changer for the scene as there is no denying that this kid has some leet level reactions. There is a ton of hype around him.. can he live up to it?


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Lol, I’ve never seen his name with an ‘er’ on the end. Looks funny :p

This is great news, though. Looking forward to seeing him at some more events bringing the hype.
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very good news ! NinjaKilla deserved it, he is a huge potential for competitive scene, and is nice to see him bringing his top level skill against others players !


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I think he already lived up to the hype just with his one major appearance so far. I can't wait for the top 8 shake-up if he starts showing up at more events.

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I'm really happy for this kid. He's so incredibly good. I am honestly shocked it took this long for him to get sponsored. I look forward to seeing him at upcoming tournaments.

If anyone was going to be the next Sonicfox, is Ninjakilla.

Also, regarding the title, here at TYM, we don't use hard R's.


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Awesome. Look forward to seeing him go head to head with the other top NRS guys at future majors. I can see him being a top 3 guy consistently.