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    use this thread to ask question/s about sektor we donn't need to make differets thread to ask a question

    first post will be updated with the questions and answeres so that you know if your question was already asked before and what was the answere for it.
  2. sebiel

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    How do you get this guy's Babality to work? lol :(
  3. Mr_19

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    I'm new to fighters but, I can't get Sektor's 1,2, :l 1 to work it keeps ending it with his regular :l 1
  4. sebiel

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    Do it faster, I'd guess. You can do that string super fast and it'll come out properly.

    _CHINOCUDEIRO_ Machakabotones

    I´m new using Sektor and i love´s so fun and he has tools for everyone... don´t mind if D-tier.
    The question is what is the best follow up for a hit with up-missile, yesterday i did DB3 dash b2,1 for an easy 22% combo, i´ve herad the TU will connect, what do you use? or you continue zoning?
  6. DaeDraug

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    TU is hit confirmable after a upmissile. If you are closer, dash b+2~TU.
  7. GhosT

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    question.. DOes the Ex teleport upper havve projectile armor?? Thought i noticed this playing AI on expert..
  8. PPJ

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    NetherRealm Studios

    sektor feels pure mid tier to me... sure he has trouble getting in, and against teleporters, but once he does its pretty much gg.. not to mention a great poke in b+1
  9. Gurimmjaw

    Gurimmjaw Earthrealm

    Are there any differences between Cyber Sektor and Human Sektor? If so which one is better?
  10. megamonk4

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    There's no changes other than aesthetics.
  11. I have 3 questions

    a) I could use some advice on matchup with chargedown characters (ex. Kung Lao, Liu Kang). When I get cornered things start to look ugly (they are from start tbh, all I can do is awfully slower than my opponent moves). Enemy mash his super fast combo buttons and im getting demolished while balancing between standing and crouching block.

    EX TU is too slow, Upper is too slow. The only thing that comes to my mind is low sweep or low crouching kicks, but they appear unattractive to me for some reason :p + after few hits they come at me with jump punch or other overhead move.

    Any thoughts on this? I'm also suffering from "OMG IM BLOCKED IN CORNER WHAT TO DO" stance often, which cause some stupid decisions but I guess it will disappear with time :p. Lag often mess me up badly since I try to focus on reactionary playstyle.

    b) I had serious problem with Kabal, who utterly played just with his projectiles (dk how's the low one called, nvm). What he did was the low projectile (spinning saws triggered by a kick or whatever) mixed with fireball to build meter to max. While we traded missiles he eventually let me get closer to him, and when I failed at my 50/50 he spinned me right away into X-ray. End of round, boring like fuck (dk if swears are allowed, sorry if not, it won't happen again :p)

    I managed to win few rounds if he did some mistakes or I got lucky with my 50/50 combo and capitilize on trading missiles to the end from that.

    The question is, what is the proper answer to such play? EX TU might be solution, but it was hard to time it right along with the lag "effect" :(. Not to mention it wasn't the most pleasant fight in my life.

    Any thoughts on this?

    c) Last but not least, I have some major problems with Good Sub-Zero players (might be the case that I play MK9 since 6 days, and it's my 1st "more serious" fighting game). Someway somehow I get absolutely demolished and read thoroughly. Can some1 throw few advices for this matchup?


    I can't do the Babality either. I can Offline on Ladder but not Online in "Challenge". Some1 did research on it perhaps ?

    EDIT: I Fetched some info, and it turnes out in order to do Babality you can't block a single move in last round of match. DK if it's true though, but sounds possible :p
  12. Does Ketchup Have a Overhead? if so what is it? thanks in advance
  13. UP + 3, 4 -> it's an short distance, a bit slow.
  14. Altsa

    Altsa Vihree

    ^also 122 is an overhead on the last hit
  15. im talking about a overhead to start a combo off with
  16. Robotic

    Robotic Gentleman.

    ^3,4. Fair warning, it has slow startup. ^3 (known as "stance") can overhead into 4, or go into 3,4. The latter begins low.

    To use this in a real game situation, you must make your opponent respect your low game. Once he starts to block low, there are 2 scenarios I've seen where the overhead is murder: 1. On wake up where opponent is not using a wake up move (tough, I know, but sweep distance block will keep an opponent honest as I can punish a whiffed wake up from here, for most characters. They may not be quick on the draw next time I'm in their face doing the overhead). 2. Jump punch, immediate overhead. If this is used sporadically, this hits most of the time.

    The beautiful thing about thie overhead is you can cancel into Teleuppercut.
  17. yea over head to teleuppercut is bad ass, Sektor just feel like a real SOLID character i might end up making him my main
  18. ManjoumeThunder

    ManjoumeThunder Just a mark

    I like his ^3, 4 > TU > jump towards 4 > EXTU > b2, t2. Its got good damage with only one bar of meter. Its a thing of beauty to pull off.
    Also, a well timed ^3, 4 can either hop over Sub Zero's slide or hit him with the 4. Then from the 4 you can TU and be a real pain. :)
    Rule of thumb, all "medium" hits are over heads.
  19. c0nfizzle

    c0nfizzle Noob

    i seem to have trouble vs cyber sub, whats the best way to tackle him?
  20. King

    King Sig Maker

    a) The best thing to do when facing these characters is to not put yourself in the situation you are describing. IMO, one of Sektor's weaknesses is his inability to escape pressure. You want to approach these matches by letting them play your game. Throw a couple of missiles (wisely of course) and test how they react to them. Remember that Sektor has a relatively fast uppercut- use it to your advantage. For Kung Lao, I think his teleport can be countered with a well-timed TU. One word of caution though: Lao's EX teleport has armor so it will absorb your TU. If shit hits the wall and you get combo'd, DO NOT WAKE UP TU!!! Any good player will expect it and punish you hard. At this point, you probably just want to use your intuition and yomi skills to predict what the player is going to do and just wait for an opening. Here's an idea though: if you manage to break your opponent's combo in midair, you will recover quicker than your opponent. Use this time to set up meaty missiles for pressure and use your stance for a 50/50 mixup.

    B) Kabal can be a very difficult match-up for Sektor mainly because he can do air fireballs to build meter and mix it up with a low projectile to keep you away. I believe your best option here is to try to do a TU on reaction to one of his projectiles. Once you land a TU, make sure you take FULL advantage of it. After the TU, do jk EX TU B21 for around 35% damage. After this, your opponent will be knocked down. At this moment, you can set up your 50/50 game. Remember that you can dash cancel your stance move- use that to your advantage to mindfuck your opponent. Try to let him do wake-up dashs or saws. Punish the dash using your classic BnB: 1,2,B1 Jk TU jk EX TU B2,1 for 44% damage. Punish the saws by doing. jp 1,2,B1 jk TU jk EX TU B2,1.

    C) Always think of matches against Sub-Zero as a game of chess; the Sub Zero player will always try to force you to make a mistake and land in one of his ice moves to get a free combo of choice. (This is coming from a Sub-Zero main BTW.) Your job is to attempt to keep Sub-Zero out and to minimize your mistakes. One thing you never want to do is to either corner yourself or get cornered by Sub Zero. Use your missiles to try to keep Sub-Zero away from you. Be careful though since a well timed slide from Sub Zero can go under your missiles. Try not to trade projectiles with Sub-Zero when you're in close to medium range as this will give him enough time to get in and get a combo of choice; it is OK to trade projectiles with him from fullscreen as he really can't do much to you from there.
    Let's say that the worse possible scenario happens: you get knocked down in the corner. What the Sub player will most likely do is try to trap you with a well-placed ice clone. From here, he will place himself approximately 1 step back away from the clone- what this effectively does is that it allows the Sub player to do a couple of things:

    1) Throw iceballs at you hoping to catch you not blocking.
    2) Try to bait out an attack and catch you in the clone.
    3) Use (EX) ground freeze to catch you on the ground for a free combo.
    4) Go in and pin you down in the corner.
    5) Use Slide to reset the situation for him.

    The best thing to do is to try to read the opponent. Figure out which of these options he likes to go for and punish accordingly. If the Sub player goes for option 1, simply block. If he goes for 2, watch your attacks and wait until the clone runs out. If he likes 3, do a reactionary TU to punish. If he likes 4, use your yomi and try to block and sniff out mistakes. If he likes 5, block low and go for a maximum damage punish. (1,2, B1 JK TU JK EX TU B2,1) Be careful though as a good Sub will alternate between these options. It is up to you to have good yomi as well as good reactions to get yourself out of difficult situations.

    Finally, this all assumes lagless situations. Don't worry about laggy matches - they mean nothing. I hope some of my info was useful and good luck :)
  21. After i preform a X-RAY move on a opponent whats the BEST move i should do after that?
  22. c0nfizzle

    c0nfizzle Noob

    what are sectors best corner combos?
  23. Robotic

    Robotic Gentleman.

    Nothing, because the round is over. That is the only time you should use his x-ray - to end a round. Sektor's enhanced moves are too valuable to him to save that meter for x-ray.
  24. PANDEMlC

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    Why don't people play Sektor? He's easy to learn(combo wise), has high damage combos off multiple starters and he looks awesome. I think I'm one of the few Sektor players online. I like that a bit though.
  25. well lets say if i didnt you my x-ray to end the round?

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