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Article From MKOnline Shares a Few New Details About KP2 Characters, and the DLC Selection Process


Pretty good article from Mortal Kombat Online. It shares a few new details about the upcoming characters in Kombat Pack 2 and the DLC character selection "process". Nothing major, but definitely interesting and worth reading (especially the "DLC character selection process" part I have below). I will highlight the best/most important parts of this article below. I will also have a "So basically" section below that will sum up everything quickly, if you aren't interested in reading a bunch.

LINK: http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/content/News/read.cds?article=2538

Check out the info below:

"It seems Tri-Borg will assimilate Sektor's skills to create one of three Character Variations - likely the first seen in select screens, according to NetherRealm Voice Director and Writer Brian Chard. Don't expect Tri-Borg to be a mere vehicle for three unused characters, though. The new cyborg is "his own 'man'", according to Chard, and will speak with his own voice, regardless of variation!

Chard couldn't reveal if Tri-Borg will be assigned his own LK Unit code like his predecessors, but he is a new character, even if the grey representation seen prominently in the trailer is to reflect cyborg Smoke. How can Smoke be a cyborg in the new timeline, where he was never converted by the Lin Kuei, and was last seen causing trouble as an Enenra/Revenant in story mode? "Not sure it'll end up being canon but there's an explanation", says a candid Chard.

Fans can look forward to more character depth revealed through fight intro dialogues. Lin Kuei icon Sub-Zero will have 'a few interesting things' to say to Tri-Borg. Even more intriguing: "... in a mirror match intro one of them calls himself something else." Could this new cyborg be someone, or something, we already know? A fallen Lin Kuei warrior? A remnant of the original timeline? A new twist on Sektor's Tekunin clan? Chard unsurprisingly rules out comics fodder turned Legacy robot, Hydro. The plot will thicken in 2016.
"Another master drunk (on power) is series co-creator and creative lead Ed Boon, who's promising big things from Bo' in the gameplay department: "His drunken fighting style is so much fun to play & watch!" He isn't the only one! Brian Chard also elects Bo' Rai Cho as his tentative favourite character from Kombat Pack 2! Mortal Kombat Online fans responded positively, overwhelmingly voting him the best character!

Guest characters no doubt play a part, but it pays to remember WB are sitting on an unreleased, completed webseries with an unverified significant role for Bo' Rai Cho. Food for thought.

"Brian Chard notes, "there's plenty of alien about him." And that's exactly what he'll be called in the game - Alien. Chard reveals creating the unique character posed challenges, of which he believes the tail is one.

The alien is certainly very physically different from most characters, possibly requiring unique skeletal work, internal organs, and hit detection. It has no eyes; is typically an imposing figure; often takes advantage of uncanny agility and wall crawling abilities, which have interesting fighting game potential; and is most famous for its corrosive, acid-like blood. It will be interesting to see how burning blood is dealt with in a game where bodily fluids flow frequently! Chip damage may be one option, but another simple solution: the Alien's sturdy hide, which may not breach as easily as other characters.

"The differences between machete and chainsaw are obvious, but Brian Chard assures fans Jason is the only truly silent character in the game:"[Leatherface] doesn't talk, but makes noise". Fans of the films will also know Leatherface is a more erratic character than the traditionally stalking, stoic, silent threat of Jason. A fact captured brilliantly in animation in the Kombat Pack 2 trailer! Whether you love or hate the choice, it's clear NetherRealm are working to capture the insane waltz of one of modern horror's earliest mascots.

For bonus points: trivia buffs will recognize that the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was an informative inspiration behind Ridley Scott's original Alien. Which means coupling the pair in Kombat Pack 2 isn't such a crazy idea! Granted, it's difficult to ignore the overwhelming corporate logic of a character who'll headline Lionsgate's Leatherface Texas prequel in 2016. We noted the possibility in September, and can clearly see how DLC may have potential as a revenue source built on a captive audience. Product placement comes to Kombat."

"...there's been much consternation over the role Warner Brothers played in the selection of Kombat Pack 2 characters. Brian Chard fanned the flames, noting character selection "... gets decided over weeks, sometimes months, by lots of people/depts in NRS and WB." Adding that it's "not solely an NRS decision"

The old adage comes to mind where pleasing everyone is concerned. Emphasizing this fact was Brian Chard, who received his own torrent of disappointment, despite having nothing to do with character selection. A fan himself since joining the series with Deception, he noted his hypothetical Kombat Pack 2 might've included: Fujin, Havik, Sareena & Khameleon, with Ashrah and Li Mei outlying contenders.

Informed by MKX's status as a retelling of MK4; Mortal Kombat Online named Fujin the character we most wanted to see return from post-Armageddon absence. Will he make it to DLC before Mortal Kombat X closes up shop? Brian Chard says it's "a vocal minority" requesting specific characters. That may be true, but given the character's treatment as Raiden's equal in Mortal Kombat X story mode sequences, and comics, we're willing to believe the majority would welcome him as much, if not more, than Bo' Rai Cho.

So basically:
  • Tri-Borg is his own character, not just a vehicle for Sektor, Cyrax and Robot Smoke.
  • Tri-Borg will have dialogue and will speak in his own voice regardless of variation. He will also have some special dialogue against Sub-Zero and a Tri-Borg mirror match.
  • Bo' Rai Cho is NRS' Brian Chard's favorite KP2 character.
  • Ed Boon says that Bo' Rai Cho is fun to play and watch.
  • Alien is just called "Alien" in the game. Not Xenomorph, or Barakalien or anything like that.
  • Alien presented a few technical challenges for NRS, like his tail and the fact he has no eyes.
  • Leatherface doesn't talk, but he will still make "noise". He will NOT be a silent character.
  • Trivia: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was an informative inspiration for Alien. So it makes since for Leatherface and Alien to be in the same Kombat Pack.
  • DLC character selection process takes days, weeks, or maybe even months to do. Warner Bros. also plays a part in deciding who get's in as DLC.
  • Brain Chard received disappointment from fans even though he had nothing to do with the selection process of KP2, he later noted his hypothetical KP2 would be "Fujin, Havik, Sareena & Khameleon, with Ashrah and Li Mei outlying contenders."
  • Brian Chard also says those requesting specific characters are a "vocal minority".
EDIT: Cleared something up about Brain Chard's opinions on KP2.


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Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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damn havik and khameleon would of been sweet to have back :(

(khameleon actually got me kp1 for free thanks to the twins birthday stream giveaway aswell haha :))

nice to know what alien will be called in game, i was wondering about that.
not suprized on the "not solely a NRS decision" part but WB pays the bills to keep NRS turning so it to be expected i guess


Noob / Reptile / Grodd / Sub Zero
I still d ont like leatherface too much, but the others are awesome

Are reptile and alien friends?

SM StarGazer

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I know better but it sounds like he called his customers a 'vocal minority'. PR's not gonna like that one. So what he don't request specific characters. Fine. I want all of Earthrealm, and All of netherrealm as playable characters.


Bane/Black Manta/Captain Cold
This gives me a little more hope for Havik someday.

am I in the minority who likes KP2 over the one suggested by Brian Chard? I have no interest in Sareena or Khameleon, but I do really like all the KP2 characters besides Leatherface, I guess.
You're representing Reptile w/ your avatar, how can you have no interest in Khameleon? Another Zaterran would be great, imo.
Leatherface does seem to be the black sheep of KP2.


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I know better but it sounds like he called his customers a 'vocal minority'.
Um, not quite... He said that most people were just waiting KP2 without voicing particular preferences in any form that could be heard by community, devs and publishers.

I honestly don't give a shit what Ed Boon thinks at this point.
"Better online experience" is the last of his lies I believed.
It cost me fifty bucks.
At least we know that he was just trying to promote the game, and not just delusional.
We don't know his actual thoughts on the matter, and we know that he's not the only one making decisions. That, at least.


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We clearly know that if WB wasnt in the mix the 4 others would have been the kp2 :(
And the kp1 would have been the mk characters from kp1+kp2 without the guests... good stuff..


Meta saltmine
We clearly know that if WB wasnt in the mix the 4 others would have been the kp2 :(
And the kp1 would have been the mk characters from kp1+kp2 without the guests... good stuff..
I don't mind guests per se, I also think that crossovers can offer a good presentation and storytelling potential when done right, but IMO NRS/WB have some weird ideas on what characters befit MK setting.

For example, you have a character with penchant for looking good and some ideals who comes from renaissance/reformation era with fantasy elements and fights in close quarters, mostly with blades, in a fantasy setting that looks like early reformation era where most characters fight in close quarters with mostly blades, often for their ideals, looking dashing at that (Ezio Auditore in Soul Calibur 5). One couldn't even tell that he's an immigrant if he wasn't so well-known.

And then these Hollywood maniacs who hit babies while they are down in a world of best combatants from all realms... I mean, you can say that most guests have little something in common with the setting, but dammit...