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Armor Breaker Speculation


My God is the Sun
So there's been a lot of theorizing that armor breakers will be the norm in MK11. While I think it should stay with Spawn to keep him unique, it's fun to think about. So if your main receives an armor breaker, what move should it be and why? Would it get unique properties? Try and keep balance in mind, but if you feel the buff could be the X-Factor your character needs go for it

Kotal Kahn: Totemic BF4 (Cat Lunge)
Only the first hit. Totemic is a low damage variation, built around sustain, but this would give Totemic the ability to keep damage from his KBs and continue developing the life lead.

Nightwolf: Either BF4 (Rhino Charge) or B1
B1 would give you the opportunity to gamble the damage potential on a KB to get a nice, meterless relaunch. Otherwise, BF4 could be enhanced to ground bounce the opponent much like Matokan Warrior's launcher, or to at least maintain the damage and oki you could get off Shoulder Charge


With my best, I will defeat your best.
I think specials that don't currently have AMP options should be armor breakers.

My main of Kitana could have df2 be an armor breaker and the option to amp it to make it a launcher. If they don't break then I essentially lose like 25% damage.