Arizona Thread: Anyone Playing MK?

Discussion in 'Pacific South' started by DrDogg, May 3, 2011.

  1. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    I thought you did really well on commentary. I realized what the audio issue was at the beginning (I think). For some reason it wasn't letting me edit the microphone audio levels on the fly like I should have been able to.

    Now that I have the whole video aspect down (for the most part) I will be working more on improving the overall look of my overlays which really didn't happen because I got Photoshop Tuesday. I'll also try to improve the overall audio aspect of the stream. I want to get 2 good headsets that give you the freedom to at least adjust your audio levels on the headsets or a mixer so I can do all the adjusting.

    In regards to BW1zz and the lightning I agree. Full screen ex lightning is almost always a waste but I really liked your corner traps with it, because it looked like you would end a block string with it granting you another block string opportunity.
  2. GG's to everyone I played at the tournament.

    Dr. Dogg: I thought your commentary was definitely very good. If you don't mind doing commentary at the future events you attend, Myself and Sao were talking about possibly pairing you up with Juicebox for commentary who plans to make it out to the next few event for commentary and play.

    In regards to matches; Your Kitana is constantly improving, I feel like our matches are oftentimes very footsie oriented between Sonya and Kitana with your fans and d1 being able to control space and my d4 being able to control space. You shut down a lot of my aerial game and make me play that matchup a lot differently than I want to.

    I look forward to getting more casuals this next week.

    B W1zZ: Your Raiden definitely keeps getting better, keep it up. After watching some of our matches back, I think i've identified some things I need to work on. Hopefully we can get some casuals this next week.

    Not to harp on what Dr. Dogg and Sao have already pointed out, but I also agree that you will probably want to save your meter for breaker more. I also agree with using the EX Lightning from closer distances while the opponent is pressured allowing for a safe jump setup or teleport if blocked.

    Detroit Balln313: I'm glad I was able to take some matches from your Shang Tsung with Sonya since you had beaten me at the previous tournament with Shang. Your Kabal is a nightmare, and a good choice as an alt for you. Kabal is a character I have been wanting to get some matchup experience in since he seems semi-popular in other states and i'm sure i'll run into a few of them at Evo, keep it up.

    I'll have to do some thinking about the Kabal matchup with Sonya, I have some new things I have been working on that I hope improve my overall play.

    Julian, Dark Ghost, Noremac, Major Monkey: Thanks for making it out to the tournament, I was only able to play some matches with Major Monkey in the tournament and in casuals, but it is nice to see some new faces and the MK community growing.

    Hopefully you guys can make it out to casuals at Dr. Dogg's this next Wednesday so we can get some matches.
  3. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    I don't mind commentating with Juice. That should make for some interesting conversations.

    As for my Kitana, I need to go back to the lab with her (and Jax). I'm at the point now where I have enough understanding of the base game mechanics and most of Kitana's match-ups. I need to go back and examine all of her attacks to see if I can find a use for them, even if it's very situational. I'd love to see NRS patch training mode to make this process easier, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

    For casuals at my place next week, let's start planning now. I'm assuming we're shooting for Wednesday again (July 6th)? At the moment I don't have anything scheduled for that day, but I do like starting at 7 or 7:30 if that's not too late for everyone.

    Please post up if you're able to make it out. I live in North Phoenix, at the I-17 and Happy Valley Rd (roughly). I'll update the first post with a running list of who's able to make it.
  4. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    7-7:30 is fine for me and Morty, we will be there.
  5. I hope quite a few people can make it out to the casuals.

    Dr. Dogg, do you have any interest in learning Cyber Sub Zero? I have been thinking about CSZ and Smoke a little bit more lately as viable characters to learn.

    I have some new stuff I have been working on with Sonya that I really want to work into my gameplay, I hope more people show up this week so we can get more matchup experience this week at your place.
  6. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    I haven't heard from anyone except you two. I think Mailorder gets back in town today or tomorrow, so it's understandable as to why we haven't heard from him. Not sure about B Wizz, Detroit or any of the others. I'll hit up Black Ghost and Noremac and see if they're available.

    I'll be picking up Kenshi tomorrow. If I like him, I'll use him on Wed to see how he fairs. I also went back into the lab a bit with Kitana, Jax and Raiden... but unfortunately this game isn't as deep as Tekken or SC so there wasn't much for me to discover (a dozen or so attacks compared to 80+ in Tekken/SC). >_>

    I've played a little Cyber Sub, but I don't like his ff+3 bomb. I get it way too often when I want dash~3 so I can start his 50/50 mix-up. I also don't like the way the bombs function, but that's not a big deal.
  7. Sounds good. It would be nice if Noremac, Dark Ghost, Julian and those guys made it out. I didn't get to play against them at all on the tournament day. Hopefully Tempe can make it out as well.

    And yeah, I can understand your sentiment about the depth of this game; Having 2-3 of the highest damaging combos for specific situations is usually good enough, and deviating from that usually isn't necessary. I'm fortunate that I keep finding new things with Sonya that I think are legitimately helpful.

    I have been trying to work defense into my offense since I think I get hit with too much wake-up stuff and some ambiguous cross-ups that can hopefully help with keeping pressure going.

    I need to get better at reading situations where people are jumping out of my pressure or point blank continuously jumping over me while I just stand there and block.

    LK-520, how are things going in Tucson? How did things go at AIAB? We need to get some matches online. You should add Sao87 to your XBL friends list, i've been playing on his 360 because of the stream setup and it's already hooked up, I don't think we have you added.
  8. Mailorder

    Mailorder Noob

    I'm back from Anime Expo. Completed a cosplay in time for a group photo shoot and managed to make AX Idol Singing finals... so it was an awesome trip : ) And now it's back to grinding MK9!
  9. LK-520

    LK-520 Noob

    I'm right there with you guys about the depth of this game to an extent, but I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing. I mean, it gets the game down to mind games, plain and simple, while still being really fun to play and watch. Sirlin's dream, lol. And it's not like it's totally shallow, either - There are a ton of characters that haven't had their potential tapped at all, no one's figured out how to play well defensively yet (Even with the chip, there's gotta be a way) and people are always finding new shit for popular characters like Reptile which surprises everyone. It's no Tekken or 3s, but the game's still young, there've only been like 3 major tournaments so far, and personally I wouldn't say it totally lacks depth unless i could beat Tom Brady in a first to 5 tomorrow.

    I wasn't at AIAB on Saturday, I went up to Cali this weekend for a friend's wedding. I hear the turnout was only 3 guys - Twinkle Star Sprites, some vs. bullet hell game, got 8 by comparison lol. No one will even give MK a chance...
    I'll definitely add Sao when I get home today, we should play some games soon for sure. Gotta get some Kenshi practice in whenever he comes out haha.
  10. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Congrats sir! I saw pics of your Haggar cosplay lol.

    There is no defense in this game. Not with chip damage, safe/adv EVERYTHING, and throws that can't be broken while holding block. When I try to play defense, I lose.

    The game has some depth, but I'm not a mind games kind of player. I play by the frames in Tekken and Soul Calibur. I can't do that here because there are so few attacks for each character, there's only so much you can do with each attack. And with the execution frames varying so much between d+1/d+3 and other normals/command normals, you can't even really setup a proper pressure game unless NRS decided you have those tools (Kabal, Raiden, etc.).
  11. I think defense in this game can be beneficial, it is somewhat similar to Street Fighter and whatnot however with more options when knocked down and so forth.

    I am adjusting my defense a little bit more, and I think offensive-defense works the best. Rather than continuously blocking, I think it's best to find your fastest normal (typically d+1) and poke your way out of block strings when you've identified that you have a moment to counter-attack then decide if you want to go on offense, or create space and hope the opponent makes a mistake that you can punish.

    I agree that having block damage for every attack/normal can be frustrating to deal with, but if you can capitalize on mistakes well I think defense still does work in this game. Just not as much when you have low health.

    Edit: I'm surprised Kenshi's fastest combo starter is 10 frames, he probably isn't going to be much of a punish character is he? His uppercut has 14 frames of startup? Hopefully those hitboxes are nice, i'm looking forward to giving him a try.

    What does the b,f+2 move do?
  12. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    You have to play some defense, but unlike most fighting games, I think offense wins matches in MK9. I perform significantly better when I launch a barrage of offense, compared to when I try to play defensively.

    As for Kenshi, he seems solid to me so far. I need to play against some people though. I found a reset with him that allows for a 50/50 between a non-launching overhead (he has three) or his low combo starter.

    His b,f+2 is a short range version of Noob's shadow tackle. It looks almost exactly the same, but the normal version only travels 2-3 character lengths. The EX version almost covers the whole screen though. When testing via training mode, it seems to be -6 or so. I wasn't able to punish it with a Superman, but I could get a d+1 with Kitana. The EX version is safe unless you anticipate it and teleport behind Kenshi to punish.

    Kenshi seems like an anti-zoning character, but I need to test his anti-zoning attacks against a projectile character and see how he fairs. Tomorrow should be interesting.
  13. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    Dr Dogg: I found out that ManaWerx is putting up a 100 dollars for street fighter AE tomorrow and they will be throwing a mvc3 tournament as well. My buddy Jack who has been supporting us with his equipment asked if we would help by bringing some equipment.

    I was wondering if you wanted to just have casuals at ManaWerx tomorrow since it sounds like it will end up being just you, Mark and myself. For anybody else that perhaps has interest in playing ssf4, mvc3 and mk9 casually or tournament play for mvc3 and ssf4ae stop by ManaWerx tomorrow.

    The event starts at 7pm I don't know if it will get started until 8 but I would show up at 7pm just to make sure.

    The address is below and located behind Arbys.

    Manawerx (Outpost)
    4920 W. Thunderbird Rd #121
    Glendale, AZ 85306
  14. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    I'm fine with Manawerx at 7.
  15. I'm not sure if anybody else was planning on showing up to Dr. Dogg's for casuals (although it would seem unlikely since nobody has posted), but it would be awesome if people could make it out to ManaWerx for casuals.

    Mailorder, do you think you'd be able to bring the Tempe guys along? If not, hopefully you guys can make it out to the ManaWerx MK9 tournament next Wednesday.

    I was happy to see a lot of new faces at the last one, and some of our regulars weren't able to make it last week. If everyone can show up for the next one (Including Uncle Probo and some of the Ranbats regulars), I think we could really have a pretty good scene here in AZ.

    I know Juicebox plans on making it out to MK, i'm not sure if he knows about the SSFIV:AE and MvC3 tournament, but it might be an easy way to get him down here and play some MK afterwards if he's going to be showing up next week.

    My friends Jack and Alex who are running the SSFIV:AE and MvC3 tournaments will be there and I know that they are starting to gain some interest in playing MK as well, so casuals should be pretty fun after the tournaments (We will have at least 1 casual MK setup the whole night).
  16. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    Sao or Morty - Call or Text me when you guys get to ManaWerx, i'm gonna try to make it.. I have a lot of hw and studying to do today.
  17. Yo, appreciate the hell out of you guys letting us push you around for the sake of our tourney last night. I know there was nothing of interest for DrDogg in particular for the hour and a half or whatever that stole your setup, but it definitely saved us a lot of trouble. Good to see you finally got some Puzzle Fighter in.

    You guys can count on having a monitor and a PS3 of mine to use every time it's MK's week.
  18. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    Is there another tournament this Sunday at LAN Speed gaming again?
  19. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

  20. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    ok, cool

    Does anyone have a PS2 controller that i can buy? I just bought a Ps3 > Ps2 controller converter, but i dont have a ps2 controller, all of the game stores have crappy ones.

    I need it for Evo :)
  21. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Where have you looked?

    I'm still on the fence about going to Evo, but if I go, I'll want to use a brand new PS2 controller because I like the dpad as tight as possible. I didn't think it'd be a hassle to find a new one since most stores still sell the PS2. If it's going to be a problem I'll start looking now. Although... alternatively, you could buy a new PS2 and return it after Evo. Most stores will take an open PS2 back within 30 days for a full refund, so long as you have the box and receipt. That's kind of going out of the way, but I'll end up doing that if I can't find a new controller.
  22. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    I checked a couple gamestops, and fallout games on 43rd ave and bell. They all have used controllers that are in bad condition
    Fallout games does have a new ps2 controller, BUT its not a Sony Duel shock 2, its an off brand controller, do you think it would be a bad idea getting that offbrand controller?
  23. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    If the off brand is solid, then you can pick it up now and practice on it until Evo and you should be fine. If it's not solid you'll know within an hour or two. Also, I did some quick checking online and it looks like you can order a new one from Amazon.
  24. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    Thanks, but H2O Farmer is going to send me one of his...

    Any information on the tournament tomorrow? (Sunday)
  25. We will be hosting our fourth Mortal Kombat tournament at ManaWerx this Wednesday (July 13th) at 8pm. The cost to enter will be $5.00. After the tournament is over there is no problem with sticking around to play casuals afterwards.

    The address to the venue is:

    4920 W. thunderbird Rd #121
    Glendale, AZ 85306

    (Located behind Arby's, next to Outpost games)

    Tournament rules will be your standard best 2/3, double elimination with winners/losers/grand finals being best 3/5.

    The tournament will be played on PS3, with the most recent patch.

    This is the last tournament that will be hosted before Evo, so please make sure to show up!

    The tournament schedule after Evo for the month of August into October will be:

    - Wednesday, August 10th: Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament
    - Wednesday, August 24th: Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament
    - Wednesday, October 7th: Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament

    Here were the results from the (June 29th) Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament:

    1st Place: Detroit (Shang Tsung/Kabal)
    2nd Place: B W1zZ (Raiden)
    3rd Place: MortySeinfeld (Sonya, Kabal)

    The tournament stream for Bi-Weekly Mortal Kombat Tournaments at ManaWerx will also be provided this Wednesday (July 13th) at 8PM PST.

    The Stream URL can be found at:

    We will likely have both Dr.Dogg and [BLG]Juicebox providing commentary for the stream.

    Please follow the stream for frequent updates in addition to when the stream goes live.

    Hope to see everyone there, thank you for your continued support!

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