Arizona Thread: Anyone Playing MK?

Discussion in 'Pacific South' started by DrDogg, May 3, 2011.

  1. B W1zZ

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    Good games Dr Dogg, Morty, Sao. Your Kitana did seem like she improved a lot since last time I had played you. Morty's Kabal and Sonya leveled up a lot too, along with Sao's Cage.

    I sent everyone in AZ in this thread an invite to a TYM group I created called Arizona MK. Doesn't serve any real purpose right now but I'm thinking it could be useful for posting upcoming tourneys/casuals etc.

    For anyone I might have missed you can view/join the group by going to this link:
  2. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    I've got my stream working on xbox 360 now and I am currently streaming. Add Sao87 if you want to get some games, I am currently in the 00TYMSTREAM room playing king of the hill.

    stream url =
  3. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    Where is the LAN speed gaming tourney going to be at?
  4. B W1zZ

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    Lan Speed Games
    6750 W Peoria Ave #136
    Peoria, AZ 85345
  5. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    What time does it start?
    And is there an entry fee?
  6. B W1zZ

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    It starts at 12PM and the entry fee is 1 dollar.
  7. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    Cool, thanks... I'll text you in the morning, telling you if i'm going or not because i'm not 100% sure right now.
  8. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    Had fun at the Ranbats today. Grats to Detroit for winning it and BW1ZZ for taking second.

    I'm also glad I finally got an opportunity to play with Uncle Probo.

    Black Ghost: You were really good, I was really worried you were going to bump me out after winning the first 3 consecutive games.

    Phat Man C: I felt like you were starting to adapt to my Cage pressure but it was to late, hope to see you at the Wednesday night tournament.

    I really hope to see some of the Tempe/east side comes out to our tournament Wednesday, there should be a lot of really great players attending and we need to help each other get better.
  9. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    We will be hosting our third Mortal Kombat tournament at ManaWerx this Wednesday (June 29th) at 8pm. The cost to enter will be $5.00. After the tournament is over there is no problem with sticking around to play casuals afterwards.

    The address to the venue is:

    4920 W. thunderbird Rd #121
    Glendale, AZ 85306

    (Located behind Arby's, next to Outpost games)

    Tournament rules will be your standard best 2/3, double elimination with winners/losers/grand finals being best 3/5.

    The tournament will be played on PS3, with the most recent patch.

    The plan is to host the tournament every Wednesday bi-weekly. Here are the remaining tournaments scheduled before Evo:

    - Wednesday, June 29th: Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament
    - Wednesday, July 13th: Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament

    We will possibly be hosting an additional Mortal Kombat tournament on July 20th (not conforming to the bi-weekly schedule) to give everyone one last opportunity to get their characters ready for Evo.

    Here were the results from the (June 1st) Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament:

    1st: LK-520 (Kung Lao)
    2nd: B Wizz (Raiden)
    3rd: MortySeinfeld (Sonya)

    Here were the results from the (June 15th) Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament:

    1st Place: Detroit (Shang Tsung/Cyrax)
    2nd Place: MortySeinfeld (Sonya/Reptile)
    3rd Place: LK-520 (Kung Lao)

    In addition we will also begin streaming the bi-weekly Mortal Kombat tournaments this Wednesday (June 29th) at 8PM PST.

    The Stream URL can be found at:

    Please follow the stream for frequent updates in addition to when the stream goes live.

    Hope to see everyone there, thank you for your support!
  10. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Ranbats Results:

    1. Detroitballn313 (Shang, Kabal)
    2. B Wizz (Raiden)
    3. Sao87 (Cage, ??)
    4. Uncle Probo (Raiden)
    5. DrDogg (Kitana)
    5. Black Ghost (Sub-Zero, Sektor)
    7. KnightSmoker420 (Kitana)
    7. M. Bison602 (???)

    The full bracket will be available on the DEVASTATION site soon. I'll link when it's up.

    Congrats to the placers! We had just about every top player in the Phoenix scene there today. We were only missing Mailorder and his crew. If we can add them and maybe get Tucson (for a Wed night tournament?), I'd be curious to see the results.

    I played better today. The casual session from Wed definitely helped, but I continue to lose to Raiden. Both of my losses today were to Raiden (B Wizz first round, and Uncle Probo in loser's). I don't like Raiden. >_>

    I'll see everyone on Wed night. Hopefully I can break top 3...
  11. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    Oh I also wanted to add that me and Detroit were streaming to my jtv site from my phone, some of the matches today were recorded but a little choppy.

    Here is the link
  12. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

  13. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    If the jump is a cross up then its actually really good, Raiden has a tough time dealing with combos that start with jumps.

    But yea, sorry I didn't catch your first match because I believe that set was 2-1. Regardless, the matches this Wednesday will be recorded and they are a really good learning tool to help you improve inconsistencies.
  14. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Wed should be interesting. I always like to watch my matches. It helps me improve greatly.

    Do we know if Tucson is coming up? I've talked to Uncle Probo, Black Ghost and Noremac from ranbats. I believe they'll all be there. I spoke with Juicebox last night and he expressed interest in making it out as well. I'm guessing Mailorder and crew will be there...?

    If all of those people show up, B Wizz brings his whole crew and Tucson rolls, we'll have basically every top MK player in the state. I think that's a good time for me to stop sandbagging and take my first Wed tournament. :coffee:
  15. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    LAN Speed Tournament (My fights)

    1st Round

    Semi Finals

    Winners Finals

    Losers Finals

    Grand Finals 1st Set

    Grand Finals 2nd Set
  16. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    Yea I'm really hoping everyone comes out as well. I spoke to Uncle Probo and he said that he probably wouldn't come but will watch the stream, which seems to be the downside to streaming (people like to gauge their competition and end up staying home).

    I also spoke to Juicebox, and he might end up doing commentary. I don't have the money yet to invest in a crazy audio setup so whoever talks on the mic "if anyone" will just have to use a normal headset.

    Also if anyone has any questions feel free to give me or Morty a phone call.

    Edit: Removed phone numbers since random psycho's have been calling and making threats to me late at night.
  17. Hey, If anyone that is coming out to the tournament tomorrow could bring an additional PS3 system it would be appreciated.

    So far we have 2 PS3 setups, and 2 XBox360 setups. The plan is to run the tournament on the PS3 setups, and leave the XBox360 setups available for casual play. If we can get a 3rd PS3, I think that would allow for the tournament to run very smoothly, and we would have more setups available for casuals afterwards.

    We already have enough monitors/tv's, so if we could get (1) additional PS3 (preferably with HDMI) it would be much appreciated.
  18. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    I'll bring mine, do you guys need me to bring my copy of MK in as well? I'll bring a HDMI cable, its kinda short, but it should be good enough as long as the ps3 isnt too far from the monitor.
  19. LK-520

    LK-520 Noob

    This sounds awesome, and I definitely like the idea of recording the matches. It's still up in the air whether we're gonna be heading up there, I'll be able to let you guys know tomorrow... I'm in, but I don't really want to drive up alone and my buddies are tentatives so it comes down to that.
    Man, looks like this scene's actually starting to build... that's pretty exciting!
  20. Mailorder

    Mailorder Noob

    The Tempe boys and I have talked about hosting casual MK nights. We haven't been completely active in the scene since we've been busy with random stuff (preparing for Anime Expo is the recent big event), but we're definitely still hype. Just wanted to post so you guys know we're definitely up for the community building and all that jazz.

    I'm also planning on buying a capture card (Hauppauge Colossus), so perhaps our group may start churning out a few MK vids or two, who knows!
  21. LK-520

    LK-520 Noob

    So there's gonna be a tournament at Arcade in a Box this Saturday at 7, with casuals starting at 6. I know some of you have your differences with that place, but I thought I'd get the word out. Pretty cool circumstances, too; The owner took a vote for which games to have at the tournament (SF4 headlining of course), and 3s actually beat out MK. But then he decided to replace Third Strike with MK (Damn! never thought I'd say that) on account of me and the 3 other guys who play. I won't be able to make it since I'll be in cali, but if we could get some of you Phoenix guys to come down, we might be able to show that this game's got legs and build some hype!

    As for today at MW, still no word yet - I'll post as soon as I know.
  22. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    We've been recording matches and streaming now as well. Any word on whether or not you guys will be making it out tonight? It would be nice to see more activity.
  23. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

  24. B W1zZ

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    GG's to everyone at Manawerx tonight, unfortunately I couldn't stick around for casuals.

    I didn't practice with Raiden before I went so as a result I found myself dropping combos more than I was landing them and my overall reaction time wasn't as good as it could have been. Played Sheeva a little bit at the tourney but wasn't comfortable enough to stick with her so I ran back to Raiden ;0 I'm hoping to become more competitive with Sheeva before the next tourney.

    Props to Sao and his girl/Morty for the stream, its cool to be able to watch the matches and see my mistakes/what needs to be worked on etc.

    Congrats to DetroitBallin for defeating me with Kabal yet again (that's right, run to kabal lol, jk your shang is sick)...very intense matches. You were good at catching me with NJP in the middle of my patterns etc..time to revamp my pressure game and work harder on that matchup. Next time I will give you hell ;0

    I was diggin Morty's military stance Sonya mixups, I liked how you switched it up from the 2 lows into the overhead tackle when you knew I was going to crouch block. Also Sao's Cage seems to become more difficult every time I play him.

    It was interesting to see some good Sektor players as well like Ketchup and MajorMonkey. I think they both have the potential to become beasts with Sektor. I'm hoping to see more less often used characters like Sheeva, Sektor, Baraka, Stryker etc place higher in tournaments.

    Awesome commentary from Dr Dogg, Ketchup, and Detroit by the way. Dogg hated my ex lightning balls but Ketchup thought it was good shit lol..some of those matches I did burn meter that could have been better used for breakers or xray though, but it can be worth the risk since it can lead to a free superman and/or combo.
  25. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Good matches to everyone last night. I've watched about half of the stream thus far and I like what I'm seeing. We're at a starter level compared to the big boys, but it's definitely a good start. I'm learning a lot by watching my matches, and I know what I need to be practicing and looking for in training mode. Hopefully I can make a difference at the next tournament.

    I think I'll work on Jax a bit more and also pick up Kenshi when he's released. I may not stay with Kenshi, but I want to at least see what he can do.

    I'd love to hear some feedback on the commentary. It's difficult when you're the only person commentating, but I'd still like to improve in that respect as much as I can.

    B Wizz: About the EX Lightning, my main concern was that you were using it randomly at times. It's one thing if you're close enough to apply pressure while the opponent is blocking or ducking under the EX Lightning, but you'd use it from full screen, when the opponent is just standing there and there isn't much chance it will hit. Not only that, but you'd use it when you didn't have a lot of meter, so you'd lose the ability to breaker in exchange for the small chance you get a hit on the EX Lightning and score a Superman.

    I just think meter management is very, very important in this game. I think you'd be a better player if you used your meter a little better in regards to the EX Lightning. Just some constructive criticism.

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