Arizona Thread: Anyone Playing MK?

Discussion in 'Pacific South' started by DrDogg, May 3, 2011.

  1. Sao87

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    He said he would update with specifics but he got bumped out 2 matches before qualifying for top 8. He won 4 or 5 total and both of his losses were to kano.
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    Sign-up is at noon, tournament generally starts around 1. I can push it back if you're coming though. Maybe to 1:30 or 2.

    Yeah, same place. Manawerx. I put Outpost in the OP because the sign currently says Outpost.
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    Sorry I didn't make it, I only got 3 hours of sleep when my alarm clock went off and have to work a 12 hour shift tonight. On top of that my brothers flight was delayed so I'll have to cover his shift tomorrow so I just decided to get some rest. See you Wednesday and I definitely plan on attending all the Sunday ranbats from now on.
  4. Hey Arizona MK players, I wanted to post an update on my experience since I have some time to kill here in the Jacksonville Florida Airport.

    I guess I will start out with the good news, which is the actual event itself.

    On Friday I got to play a ton of casuals against a lot of the Florida locals here. The competition out here was really good, and I did a lot of leveling up over the weekend and am looking forward to the tournament on Wednesday (If I make it back there by then, will explain later by the end of the post).

    In casuals I got to play a lot of the Florida players and some of the players that traveled from out of state. I will try to provide a run-down of the casuals as I remember them:

    JTCircus: Was one of the first players I played when I arrived. I played Liu Kang to warm up and he destroyed my Liu Kang. Afterwards I played Reptile, and he beat my Reptile as well. I then picked Sonya, and we started trading matches between his Kano and my Sonya. He is definitely one of the strongest Kano's I played at the event, his tick throw setups, and ticks into command grabs that are -1 on block were really scary to deal with, and his overall knowledge of the game and his character is on point.

    Isaac: Another one of the Florida locals here that didn't make it to the stream, but his Kano was dominating players all weekend. Whenever I played him our matches went back and forth. He mentioned to me that he will be vacationing to Phoenix sometime soon, hopefully we can get him to one of our get-togethers or tournaments. He was a really cool guy and a great player.

    Tom Brady: I got to play against Tom Brady's Johnny Cage as Sonya, and I won those matches 3-0. He also played Noob Saibot against me for two matches and he won 1 and I won 1 as well. I also got to play his Sub Zero in 3 games, and he literally shutdown every single part of my gameplan with ice-clone and solid spacing. His character specific matchup knowledge with Sub Zero is really a lot stronger than it appears to be on stream, he beat me 3-0 as Sub-Zero. I tried a Liu Kang against his Sub Zero since I like the matchup and the rounds were close, but he won the 1 game we played.

    Perfect Legend: Perfect Legend won in most of the games that we played. If I recall correctly, I played his Kung Lao in about 5 or 6 games, of which I only won one game. I played his Raiden in two games and won both matches as well. Perfect Legend began doing something new as Kung Lao that I hadn't really seen before even though it should be obvious; but he was working Kung Lao's 21212 ~ low hat into his pressure game which forces a low block and literally feels like there is nothing you can do. He told me that on defense you have advantage if you block the low hat, but proceeded to spin after I was blocking it after giving me that knowledge when I began successfully blocking it. Once you begin playing defensively against PL, it really is downhill; His pressure is scary.

    Arturo: I only got to play Arturo twice on the final day because he got called for a match but he won the first game as Reptile, and I won the second game.

    Check: I got to play Check on Sunday without realizing the guy sitting next to me was actually Check. He played Scorpion for 3 matches, if I recall he won two matches and I won two against Scorpion. He then picked Sub Zero and had beaten me twice as Sub Zero. I don't know how to describe his playstyle, but the normals he decides to use in certain situations and his spacing is really on point, he is definitely a great player and not just a combo video creator.

    In the tournament, I believe I ended up getting top 32 but it's hard to say without seeing the brackets. Here is how singles went for me:

    Match 1: Opponent did not show, I got advanced.

    Match 2: Played IceColdEdge from Dallas who played Reptile. He won the 1st game very convincingly. He also won the 1st round of the 2nd game very convincingly. I ended up winning the 2nd and 3rd round of the 2nd game. I won the 1st round of the 3rd game, he won the 2nd round of the 3rd game, and the 3rd round came down to a sliver for both players and I ended up beating him with an uppercut on a jump-in.

    Match 3: Played Isaac from Florida, a Kano player. He ended up sending me to losers bracket. The first game was me dealing with Kano zoning as he was backup up the whole game, anytime I felt like I was in range to begin my offense he was just outside of that range to allow me to attack and used Kano's b112 combo that lunges forward to punish appropriately. I was adapting towards the end of the matches, but not enough to pull it out.

    Match 4: Played The_Branten, Smoke/Ermac. I don't have much trouble against Smoke and was reading his teleports and jump ins very well. He ended up playing Ermac the second game which I also won.

    Match 5: Played Gio, a Kung Lao player. I won both games, felt like I was getting good reads against his Kung Lao when pressuring and defending on his wake-up and between block strings.

    Match 6: Forget the name of the player, but a Kano player. He played a very zoning heavy Kano. I won the first game convincingly, and felt like I was dominating him in the second game, but dropped some critical combos and made a couple of mental errors. I was also eating too much damage on block to deal with the zoning, as opposed to just crouching the knives. For some reason in the 2nd game I really wanted to seal it with an X-Ray for chip damage since I didn't think he would expect it and that ended up backfiring on me when I could've just won the game with a tick throw/blocked hit into throw setup. In the 3rd game I ended up spending too much meter, and going into the 3rd round did not have much of anything to work with. He was zoning really heavily and I took too much damage and didn't capitalize on a few of his mistakes. I felt I should've won this match but was eliminated here.

    Had I won I would've ended up playing Isaac again which I think would've been good matches again, and had I won that I would've gone on to play Chris G. I'm not sure how the matches with Chris G would've went down considering i'm sure he doesn't have much/if any matchup experience against Sonya which could've given me an edge since i'm familiar with the Reptile matchup, but his Reptile was getting increasingly better and better towards the end of the tournament, that i'm glad to see he ended up doing as well as he did.

    I feel that I had one of the most difficult pools in the tournament, with Tom Brady coming out on the Winners Side/Chris G coming out on the losers side. There were also a lot of other great players within it that did not make it into top 8.

    I will update this again with my 'getting home' experience later which has been rough :p
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    Good games to everyone I played at the LAN Speed Gaming tournament. Props to Uncle Probo for defeating me in a Raiden mirror in the grand finals, very confusing matchup. No excuses he was the better player on that particular day, although I felt slightly disadvantaged since I normally play MK9 on stick and I played that particular tournament on pad.

    Props also to Morty for beasting it up at CEO. Good shit holding your own vs. Tom Brady.

    Detroitballin313 will be attending the Manawerx tournament this Wednesday. He says he gets off work at 8 but will try to get off a little earlier so he might show up a bit late, just letting yall know. He lives 5 minutes away from the venue. He has a beast Shang Tsung from what I've seen.
  6. Awesome, will be cool to get some matches against Detroit. I'm pretty sure I saw him on a stream in California and his Shang Tsung is definitely very good. Glad to hear he's an AZ player and will be making it out.

    If necessary, we can try running the other matches first for the tournament and hold his matches in the first few rounds. We'll figure it out, being there a little bit after 8 shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Sao87

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    Glad to hear Detroit is coming. I'm sort of in the same situation as Detroit, might not be able to get there until 8-8:30 because of class so at the very least I will get some casuals afterwards. It would be nice to also be a part of the tournament though if everyone is ok with doing casuals until we show up.
  8. Sao87

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    Good job on 2nd, were going to have to turn you into a super soldier until Uncle Probo has no other option but to show up on wednesdays to improve his gameplay!
  9. LK-520

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    So how's the turnout looking this week? About the same as last time?
  10. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    It's looking like the same people showing up as last time +2-4 new faces, Detroit is very solid and Morty leveled up a lot.
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    No problem man, perfectly understandable.

    Good games on Sunday. Congrats on 2nd place! I really think it's the Raiden mirror that lost the match for you. Probo is a solid player (he's won every Ranbat tournament we've had), but I think he's very beatable in MK.

    I may have passes to an early screening of Green Lantern. If I do, I probably won't make it out. If I don't, then I'll be there. I still haven't turned on my PS3 at home in about a month now so I have not leveled up at all since the last tournament.

    I'm actually starting to like the game less and less. The lack of frame data and the huge focus on offense over defense really turns me off. It also seems like every character has a safe 50/50 mixup, which is just stupid. I still need to play more games against real people, and hopefully I can get the frame data done before the end of the month, but right now I don't see this game becoming a long term investment for me.
  12. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    I hope you make it out. Tonight we will be playing on the patched game which has fixed a lot of the shit that makes this game depressing. For one Raidens strings don't give him advantage anymore on block so you can actually do something rather than sitting in block while he builds free meter on you all day now.

    I am really bugged that the patch has not come out on xbox 360 yet because I prefer to play the game on 360 (it just runs smoother). The changes aren't to game breaking if you were playing a character that was effected by them but they will make people think more before just recklessly throwing stuff out, which is a good thing.

    As mentioned there will be at least 3 stations for people to play at and the opportunity to get casuals in before the tournament. So if people haven't been exposed to the changes at least you will have a couple hours to adjust to the tweaks.
  13. LK-520

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    Nice, I haven't played with the patches yet so that's gonna take some getting used to. Especially since my character got hit so hard, haha. Me and my friend who played Ermac will be there tonight, but our other friend can't make it.
  14. I will be there about an hour earlier (6:30pm-7pm) helping to setup, if anyone can and wants to show up early to get some practice in on the new patch, you are more than welcome to.

    The tournament starts at 8pm, but we might start it a little bit closer to around 8:30pm because there are a couple of people that will be running a little bit late because of work/school and so forth.
  15. I know most of the regulars already know there is a tournament scheduled for tonight, I wanted to post this up here just in case there is anybody else that might see it that wasn't aware:

    Hey Arizona Mortal Kombat players, we will be hosting our second Mortal Kombat tournament at ManaWerx tonight Wednesday (June 15th) at 8pm. The cost to enter will be $5.00, and after the tournament is over there is no problem with just sticking around to play casuals.

    The address to the venue is:

    4920 W. thunderbird Rd #121
    Glendale, AZ 85306

    (Located behind Arby's, next to Outpost games)

    Tournament rules will be your standard best 2/3, double elimination with winners/losers/grand finals being best 3/5.

    The tournament will be played on PS3, with the most recent patch.

    The plan is to host the tournament every Wednesday bi-weekly, alternating with Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Here is the following schedule for the month of June:

    - Wednesday, June 8th: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament
    - Wednesday, June 15th: Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament
    - Wednesday, June 22nd: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament
    - Wednesday, June 29th: Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament

    Here were the results from the (June 1st) Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament:

    1st: LK-520 (Kung Lao)
    2nd: B Wizz (Raiden)
    3rd: MortySeinfeld (Sonya)

    Hope to see you there.
  16. Hey, I know this is somewhat last minute; But if anybody can bring in any additional PS3's it would be appreciated.

    As it is right now, we have 4 TV's and 2 PS3's (We have XBox systems, however the new patch has not yet been pushed out for XBox).
  17. B W1zZ

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    Unfortunately I can't find NightSmoker420 anywhere at the moment so I'll be leaving here without him. Cya soon.
  18. LK-520

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    On the way, were almost to phx now. Well probably get there a little past 8.
  19. I doubt anyone will see this in time, but if anyone can bring any additional PS3 copy(ies) of Mortal Kombat it would be much appreciated.
  20. Here are the results from tonights Mortal Kombat Tournament held at ManaWerx on June 15th, 2011:

    1st Place: Detroit (Shang Tsung/Cyrax)
    2nd Place: MortySeinfeld (Sonya/Reptile)
    3rd Place: LK-520 (Kung Lao)

    Thanks to everyone who showed up. The next ManaWerx Mortal Kombat tournament will be held on June 29th, 2011.
  21. DetroitBalln

    DetroitBalln tupac aint dead

    It was nice meeting you all, and very good games to everyone I played. Next time, i'll be able to stick around for some casuals. I had to take my buddy home.
  22. Mailorder

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    the boys and I in Tempe are interested in playing people in the area. we got one dude who took 2nd at the first LAN Speed games ranbats and another is the "asian noob player" who won Phoenix Comic Con. we're planning on getting more active in the tournament scene as well, so thanks to everyone in this thread for keeping people here updated.
  23. DrDogg

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    What's up man? Stay tuned to this thread as I'll be updating any time we have tournaments and gatherings. Most of the players seem to be on the west side or far east side. I don't know too many in the Tempe area. However, in addition to the ranbats you guys attended, and the Manawerx tournaments (both west side), we have a Gotham City tournament next week in Mesa, and we'll have another tournament coming up in July for AE, MvC3 and MK. That tournament will be hosted by the DEV team, and probably take place somewhere in the Tempe area (still looking for suitable locations).

    Chris definitely needs to come out to either Manawerx or Lan Speed again. We have a lot more players since he last made an appearance. Also, who's the "asian noob player" so I can update the first post with his name?

    Good stuff at the tournament. Next time I'm coming for that Shang! lol

    Hopefully you can make it out to some of the other tournaments as well. It would be interesting to see you go head to head against Uncle Probo (the guy who's been winning the Lan Speed tournaments) and Chris (our other Shang player).
  24. B W1zZ

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    There will be a Play N Trade Mortal Kombat Tournament on 59th Ave & Thunderbird Saturday June 18 2011 at 1PM, double elimination. It will be played on Xbox 360. You can bring your own controller, if you don't have one they have controllers available to use. I called and verified this info.

    The entry fee is $10.

    Prizes -

    1st - Mortal Kombat Collectors Edition + $75 dollar gift card (you can ask for $175 dollars if you don't want the collectors edition)
    2nd - $75 dollar gift card
    3rd - $50 dollar gift card

    Play N Trade Video Games
    5870 W Thunderbird Rd St A7
    Glendale, Az 85306

  25. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    *Taken from BW1ZZ in a different thread* I should be able to make it out to this one.

    There will be a Play N Trade Mortal Kombat Tournament on 59th Ave & Thunderbird Saturday June 18 2011 at 1PM, double elimination. It will be played on Xbox 360. You can bring your own controller, if you don't have one they have controllers available to use. I called and verified this info.

    The entry fee is $10. First place is the total collected entry fees in store credit.

    Play N Trade Video Games
    5870 W Thunderbird Rd St A7
    Glendale, Az 85306


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