Arizona Thread: Anyone Playing MK?

Discussion in 'Pacific South' started by DrDogg, May 3, 2011.

  1. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    SRK Thread:

    Digital Dojo Live Stream and Archive (Manawerx Tournaments):

    We have people all around Phoenix who are slowly getting into MK. I assume there are probably some people down in Tucson as well.

    If you play MK in AZ, please post up so we can schedule gatherings.

    Upcoming Tournaments
    - DEVASTATION (Phoenix): October 7-9 (
    - UAT QCF MK9 Tournament (Tempe): October 16 @ 12:30pm (
    - Euphoria Gaming @ UAT (Tempe): October 22 @ 3pm (

    Addresses can be found at the link here, or listed at the bottom of this post...

    Previous Tournaments
    - Microsoft Store Launch Party - Winner: Angelic
    - LAN Speed Gaming (May 1) - Winner: Uncle Probo
    - Bookmans Mesa - Winner: DrDogg
    - Bookmans Phoenix - Winner: ND (SubMan)
    - LAN Speed Gaming (May 15) - Winner: Uncle Probo
    - Phoenix Comicon - Winner: Unknown Asian Noob Player
    - Outpost Wed Nights (June 1) - Winner: LK-520
    - LAN Speed Gaming (June 12) - Winner: Uncle Probo
    - Outpost Wed Nights (June 15) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - Gotham City Comics (June 25) - Winner: DrDogg
    - LAN Speed Gaming (June 26) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - Outpost Wed Nights (June 29) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - LAN Speed Gaming (July 10) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - Outpost Wed Nights (July 13) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - LAN Speed Gaming (July 25) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - Microsoft Store Fight Night (August 5) - Winner: Uncle Probo
    - LAN Speed Gaming (August 7) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - Outpost Wed Nights (August 10) - Winner: Morty Seinfeld
    - Gotham City Comics: (August 20) - Winner: Sao87
    - Outpost Wed Nights (August 24) - Winner: Morty Seinfeld
    - Outpost Wed Nights (September 7) - Winner: Detroitballn313
    - Outpost Wed Nights (September 21) - Winner: B W1zz

    Casual Sessions / Tournaments

    Tournament - Wednesday, September 7 - 8pm

    Manawerx (Outpost)
    4920 W. Thunderbird Rd #121
    Glendale, AZ 85306

    Tournament rules will be your standard best 2/3, double elimination with winners/losers/grand finals being best 3/5.
  2. *crickets*

    ... :(
  3. JGG

    JGG Noob

    I'm getting into it, pretty green though. Would love to get to as many locals as possible to get some experience in.
  4. I'm in North Phoenix. i'm willing to travel for some gatherings, casuals. not going to mesa but will try to come to may 14th.
  5. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Yay people!

    There are MvC3 gatherings on the west side every Thursday. We're looking into adding MK to the gatherings, but they start pretty late. I'm going to talk to some of the MvC players and see if we can get more gatherings going.

    What days/times are best for you guys to play?
  6. JGG

    JGG Noob

    Any day after 9 if we want to do it late, otherwise saturday afternoons are always awesome.

    Would be cool to get some late stuff going if we can get enough attendance. Maybe not as late as the thursday mvc stuff, but 8 or 9ish. Then we don't have to worry about work or school getting in the way, and it's not like fighting game players ever sleep.
  7. Hey,

    My name is Mark, I live in Peoria and have been playing MK. Does anybody live in the Glendale area and play during the week (preferably Wednesday-Friday)? I would like to start showing up to tournaments, however I currently work weekends which has prevented me from going to RanBats for SSF4, Marvel, etc. in The past.

    It's nice to see that tournaments are being held at LSG and the Phoenix Bookmans, I really want to show up to these but am limited based on my work schedule. How late do you anticipate the LSG tournament will run on Sunday? I get off of work at 7PM and would like to swing by after work even if it was just for casuals.
  8. Thunder 88

    Thunder 88 Noob

    greetings mortals!

    i will be passing with my sister through tucson, phoenix, wickenburg, and kingman, on wednesday, may 11th. let me know if you are willing to host a practice session with me. i will need it for the vegas tournament.
  9. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    We may be able to work something out around that time. Let me check with some people and see what we can get started. I'll update as soon as we have something solid. Hopefully within the next day or two so we can get some sessions in before the Bookmans tournament on Saturday.

    Most of the people who have spoken up about MK are in your same area. Keep tabs on this thread and we should have some gatherings going very soon.

    As for the LAN Speed Gaming stuff, we're usually out of there by 5pm at the latest. We run the events pretty smoothly so they rarely run late. We'll definitely have gatherings during the week, but it's unlikely we'll have any tournaments other than weekends.

    Phoenix has a decent scene. What time would you be coming through?
  10. JGG

    JGG Noob

    So do we got any casuals going this week, or just waiting it out till the weekend tourneys?
  11. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    There was something going down last night, but I wasn't able to attend. It seems the host's PSP was stolen during the gathering, so I don't think he'll be hosting anymore.

    I'm out of town most of next week, but when I get back I should have more info on gatherings.

    Is anyone heading to the Bookmans tournament on Saturday or ranbats on Sunday?
  12. JGG

    JGG Noob

    Was that the hazmat one that got streamed? Saw a bit of it. Man, I hear too many stories of psp's getting stolen during casuals.

    I should be at bookmans, I get off work at 11 so hopefully I'll make it in time to sign up. Would go to the ranbat sunday, but I got band practice.
  13. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    No it was at Rick Rock's house. He's been having gatherings every Wed (but didn't tell anyone). This past week he opened it up and it seems someone snagged his PSP.

    There's been talk of adding MK to the HazMat gatherings, but as of now it's strictly been MvC or SF.

    I'll hold a spot for you at Saturday's tournament. I can't play in the tournament (since I'm running this one), but I will be playing casuals before and after the tournament.
  14. JGG

    JGG Noob

    Awesome, I appreciate it. I'll be the tall guy with the fading purple hair. Been too busy practicing my MK to re-dye it, so it's starting to look grey. Totally worth it, though. =P

    Edit: Bookmans tourney was way fun, thanks to everyone that came. My scrubby ass ended up getting 4th, everyone was super friendly there, though. I learned a ton, glad I went.

    If anyone is on the west side near where the 10 meets the 101, I'm looking for a practice partner. Has to be someone willing to play a few nights a week for a few hours each night, though. I really want to get good at this game, and computers are only getting me so far.
  15. disapointed to see that if you only have xbox gear than your kinda S.O.L. at Phx. events. waste of a drive to bookmans for me. didn't feel like hanging out to watch.i play on a sf te stick and playing on a ps3 pad would kind of be like playing for the first time. not buying ps3 stuff to play at tournys.any xbox stuff let me know otherwise i may trade this game in since online is still so brutal.sfae is out soon and sfxtekken after that. too bad, i like mk.
  16. JGG

    JGG Noob

    Sucks to drive out for nothing, but 360 ain't gonna happen anywhere outside of PDP. There's too many ps3 pad players to require everyone to have a converter, especially at a local like this.
  17. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Did you talk to any of the organizers? We had several PS3 TE sticks you could have used. It was absolutely not mandatory to use a PS3 pad. I know we had at least two stick players at the event today (one used a PS3 TE, the other use the MK stick).

    Most of the events for MK will be PS3 no matter where you are, especially now that it's confirmed the patches don't save on the 360 hard drive (at least for now). But the fact that you're using a TE means you shouldn't have any issue using a PS3 TE since they're basically the same thing.

    Good games today JGG. Too bad we couldn't get more casuals in.
  18. JGG

    JGG Noob

    Yeah man, just need some more time to figure out that kitana. Was real fun though, can't wait to play some more games soon.

    Wish I could make it tomorrow, but you better do work. It's fine if I get bodied by #1, but I don't think I'd be able to handle it if you got dethroned.
  19. Is there any word on casuals going down this week (between Wednesday-Friday)? I would really love to get some matches against people IRL, if anyone has any info please post it here.

    Who has been winning the local tournaments? Which characters are the local players using?

    If anyone wants to play some matches online (XBox of course), add my GamerTag:

    - MarkCamps87

    JGG, I might be able to get some matches since I live right off of the 101, a bit north of the I-10 however.
  20. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    So far there have been 4 locals (not counting the launch tournament). I played in three of them and took 1st, 2nd and 3rd. When I played 2nd and 3rd, all four of my losses in those tournaments were at the hands of same Raiden player (Uncle Probo) who ended up winning both of those tournaments.

    The fourth tournament that I did not enter, was won by ND who played Kung Lao and Ermac. However, ND did not enter the other three tournaments. Based on what I saw of his play in the tournament he did enter, I think he would've gotten top 5 in the other three tournaments.

    I don't have a set main yet, but my best seems to be Kitana. I also play Jax, Nightwolf, Sonya, Cage, Liu Kang, Cyber Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero, and a little bit of Kung Lao and Raiden.

    I'm out of town most of the week, but there may be a session on Thursday night. I can text the guy or ask him to post here if that happens. If you guys are willing to drive to my place, I may just host a session myself next week sometime. I'm at I-17 about 5 minutes north of the 101.
  21. abbazabba
  22. DrDogg

    DrDogg Noob

    Not sure why you edited your original post, but I'll respond to it anyway.

    I'm confused as to what you're looking for. Do you want to borrow someone's PS3 TE or no? In your original post, you made it seem like you didn't want to borrow someone else's stick, but then you said if someone would let you borrow one you'd be fine. I'm not sure what Robb told you at the Bookmans tournament, but we had at least two PS3 TE sticks there you could have used.

    Many fighting game tournaments are held on PS3, local or otherwise. Evo is all PS3, DEVASTATION will use 360 for AE, HDR and MvC, but PS3 for all other fighters. Using a TE you have a big advantage. If we played MK9 on 360, I'd have to use my PS2 > 360 converter. I'm not a fan of using the Dual Shock 2 after I've been practicing on a DS3. In your situation, all of the unmodded TE sticks are the same.

    An alternate possibility for you would be to simply dual-mod your TE so it works on both consoles.
  23. Awesome, I play most of the cast as well for learning purposes but I feel that my stronger characters are: Kabal, Reptile, Liu Kang and Sonya

    If you can throw a session this coming up week (between Wednesday-Friday) I will definitely attend. I actually work off of Deer Valley and the I-17, so the commute works for me since I live right off of the 101.
  24. B W1zZ

    B W1zZ Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I live off of 67th & Bethany Home in Glendale, AZ, looking for some local offline casuals/tourneys to attend. Hit me up if you have a scene goin or your down to meet up for some casuals. Also looking for more details as to where comic con is being hosted at/registration fees etc.
  25. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    Haha, B W1zz! no wonder our connection was so good. Me and Morty both live on 83rd and thunderbird and have been looking for some good competition. Message me for my number we need to play offline.

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