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Tech Ares F23 Cross Up


Something I found a while ago but never really looked into. After a f3 splat if you walk forward and do a f23 and time it where the 3 hits right as they get up it will cross up. I've tried too see if this worked with other knockdowns but with no luck. Also I'm convinced that this does not work at all against big body characters and in some stages.

Here are some standard combos ending in a f3 splat that allows for a f23 cross up(it has to be high enough were you have time to walk up before doing the string.)

Wake ups against this seem to be stage dependent as well. It will either reverse wake up attacks, reverse wake up inputs, or do nothing(sometimes the attack will hit Ares from behind pushing him towards the enemy or to the wall, those NRS hitboxes).

Off a cross up f23 you get around 40% with:
(f2)3, f23, f23, 112 any ender
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