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Guide Ares combo thread


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Going to compile all Ares's combos in this thread. If you have any combo, post it up!


b = back
f = forward
d = down
u = up
ji = Jump In
Light = 1
Medium = 2
Heavy = 3
Trait = 4
MB = Meter Burn (EX)
~ = Cancel

112 d4, ji2, b23,112 df1
33~mb GS, f3, f23~d4, de – 38%
33~mb GS, f3, f23~d4, de – 39%
ji2, 3d2~mb GS, b3, ji2, f23~d4, de – 48%

ji2, 3d2~mb GS, b3, ji3, f23~d4, ji3,b13 – 54%
ji2, 3d2~df3, 112~d4, df3,123 – 39%
ji2, 3d2~df3, 112~d4, mb GS, 3d2 – 44%
ji2, 3d2~df3, 112~d4, mb GS, f23, de – 46%

ji2, 3d2, f23, f23, 112~d4, f3, 112 – 57%
ji2, 3d2, f23, f23, 112~d4, f23~super – 65%

3d2, f23, f23, 112 df1
3d2, f23, f23, 112~d4, b3, b13
1 = Light attack
2 = Medium Attack
3 = Heavy Attack
D4 = Rising Sword
B4 = Straight Axe
B = Back
F = Forward
U = Up
D = Down
JI = Jump in
NJ = Neutral Jump
/ = Cancel into Special/Trait
MB = Meter Burn
Dark Energy = DF1 (Projectile)
God Smack = DD2 (Close, Medium, and Far versions, Unblockable, MB version launches)
Warp Transmission = Teleport. DF3 for Behind version and DB3 for Front version

*Combos with a Straight Axe ender may be different due to hitbox sizes, timing, or a combination of both, with 1% difference.


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whats your early opinion on the character? I really dont know what to say of this character yet since whiff punishing works different in this game.
He's awesome. His zoning is really good. He can mix up zoning with teleport once I think the other player will hit buttons. Teleporting on read will net you the big whiff punishes. Going invisible and mixing up zoning with god smack is awesome. Not to mention big combo damage. He can start a combo with d1~d4.


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I'm having a hard tim connecting the JI2 after rising sword. Any tips?
Does Ares have any low starter combos?
i alredy post a low starter combo...
d1~d4, ji2, b23, 3d2 = 36% it's a 6 frame low starter

also for ex dd2(dd2 can be use after b23, 22~d4, ji2, b23... people dont usually wake-up on full screen anyway)
ex dd2, f3, b23, 3d2 = 33%
ex dd2, f3, b23, 22~d4,df1 = 37%
(you have to input f3 as soon as possible so you can walk just a little bit for the b23 part to connect)
you can do ex dd2, b3, ji2, b23, 3d2 for 37%(or ex dd2, b3,b23, 22~d4,df1 for 40%) but the timing is too strict