Are There Any Leaders In The NRS Community?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by JBeezYBabY, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    This topic was actually brought on Twitter and Uncle JBeezY wants to bring the conversation here. I never thought it until now and want everybody's thoughts.

    Do you feel there are any leaders in the NRS community? If so, give me names and why you feel that way. Or if you feel there's nobody taking the lead role, explain why?

    Let's talk about it ;)
  2. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I'd say NRS has people who are influencers, but not neccessarily leaders. To me leadership conveys a level of responsibility that I don't really see from the top influencers in the community.
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  3. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    No, there are no influencers and leaders anywhere in any part of FGC, and it's better this way.
  4. kabelfritz

    kabelfritz Noob

    obviously good players who stick to the games may appear as "leaders" in public, (even though they may not have any intention to be). but imo we dont need leaders, a community is a community project. there are certainly different roles like players, organizers or fans, but none of those should be a "Power" position by definition.
  5. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Idk about now days, I haven't kept up with the scene since the end of MK9.

    They did back then. Well, maybe not leaders, but people who helped the community.
  6. Krankk

    Krankk Smoke & Noob

    Not anymore, no.

    But I feel like back in the day Pig of the Hut did a lot to keep the community moving forward.
  7. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    In a sense we all kinda have a sense of responsibility and thats to help make the scene grow but you know people are just riding the wave and about themselves, which is fine.

    Totally disagree with ya, brotha. Every scene has somebody who influences people in some way. Influence people to play their games, watch their games, make them come out tournaments, etc.
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  8. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I'll add that while I think in the Macro level big picture scene there aren't really leaders, on the Micro level in terms of character forums I think there are certain people who could be considered leaders on that level. People who are very invovled in setting up and contributing to character discussions and guides.
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  9. roosTakk

    roosTakk Chode Juggler

    Pig of the hut
  10. CO-KANO


    The fact of the matter is this...Where I stroll, I control
  11. SaltShaker

    SaltShaker In Zoning We Trust

    I agree with this. During the MK9 and Inj1 days I would definitely say there was more unity in the community and "leaders" who took a position of both promoting the brand as much as possible and/or building the community. By MKX it was all but gone, by Inj2 it was completely gone.

    Not going to get into the reasons, but no we don't have any nowadays.
  12. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Jaded since 2011

    Leading in what?
    I'm a leader in real life.
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  13. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Oh please do. That will help give understanding on why this community is so divided.
  14. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Exactly. I think plenty of people are good about trying to take responsiblity for their actions, but in terms of a leader being about directing and trying to take responsibility for a community at large, I don't think happens very much. And that's fine.
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  15. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    Well to me a leader is someone who's professional and is active in the community. I wouldn't say they always have to be a pro player, but I feel like they do get a lot of attention as leaders usually do so it helps. NRS listens to their concerns about competitive play and that's important.

    Because I am a biased Canadian, I'm gonna say HoneyBee, he's my man.
  16. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Imma keep it all the way live. From the time I've been around I've seen so many people divided its nuts! Now granted, i believe it does have to do with the games. MK fans love MK but hate Injustice and vise versa. So that has something to do with the divide as well.

    And I see divide in MK9 OGs vs the New Blood MKX, INJ2 players.

    I even see divide current competitors who hate on TYM

    HELL even Pig Of The Hut dont like me! And im cool as fuck! Dont ask me why cuz i still dont know exactly to this day.

    My point is every part of the NRS scene is divided to the point nobody seems they wanna deal with each other and there really hasn't been anybody to unify the community as a whole.

    HOWEVER, I do see Mr Aquaman putting in work representing alot in Injustice 2. but again, its hard to show people interest in a game the majority is not interested in. Hopefully that will get stronger in MK11. I see Kitana Prime with nothing but positive vibes. I see him come between two people beefing to dead that shit and get back to the love rather than hate.

    I see SonicFox stepping up a bit when Chris G decided to slam the NRS community, SonicFox took the initiative to defend it. I was actually impressed by that.

    To me, those are the top 3 I see major potential that can unify the community as a whole. But hey, im just thinking out loud.
  17. Can anyone link me to the original twitter thread or tell me who posted it? I want to see why Echo was mad
  18. ProudDisciple

    ProudDisciple Average at Best

    This was gonna be my reply
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  19. SaltShaker

    SaltShaker In Zoning We Trust

    That has been drug out so many times over the years that there's only one worm left in the can. I'm not gonna be the one to empty it lol.

    I'll just say that I think the way things are now everyone should just do what they're going to do with the game(s). Play casual story, online warrior, tournament player, whatever. Just enjoy the game, build a friend network with players you mesh with, and roll on from there. The way the FGC is built you really don't need anything else and all is accessible fairly easy.
  20. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous You're taking this kind of personal, aren't ya?
    Premium Supporter

    not real leaders in the sense of having multiple people following 24/7 these kind of dudes on every social network and communication channel way around on Internet and venerating every single word said from them .... nope, there is no shit like this

    but, there are a bunch of people on NRS Community that naturally get spot highlights for being such dedicated players and that share great knowledge from MK games with the rest of players, so, these people more or less serves as "good role example" for the rest of the NRS FG community, I guess ....
  21. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Wait WHAT? Oh lord....i dont even know that drama....
  22. KingHippo

    KingHippo Alternative-Fact Checker

  23. CrimsonShadow

    CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer

    MK vs. Injustice is greatly exaggerated/overblown. The vast majority of the active part of our scene will play and support whatever the newest game is.

    It’s mostly the vocal minority of people who just sit around and complain that try to make a controversy out of one vs. the other. But you have those kinds of people in every community.
  24. xInfra Deadx

    xInfra Deadx This platform is immune to organic disease.

    Leaders? Here? NRS?

    [Insert J. Jonah Jameson gif here]
  25. 666 I HazeOner

    666 I HazeOner When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
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    Having 'leaders' in a community about a 1v1 game seems quite strange to me. In the end it is everyone for themselves.
    The ones highest ranked imo are the ones organizing tournaments & locals - MrAquaman, LIJoe, theHatschka, mrWizard, and many, many others investing their time to give us a place to play our game.
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