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Arctic Arsenal: let the coretrap be! Labbing n' stuff

I have some sorta confession to make. I happened to be an ignorant idiot. Why? Because I've never gave any significance to crossed out golden cup which coretrap has. You see, I rarely play KL because of my anxiety of it. Whenever I join match my hands are getting painfully numb, so I can barely unclench my fingers. That's the stress level I suffer, I'm panicing, forgeting everything I did in practice.
I've started labbing coretrap because of infamous ilgenowski setup which led to major nerfs and ban of coretrap. I tried to recreate that frametrap, so I can have winstreak and not my usual losestreak.
So, I recently realized what crossed cup means. I was quite surprised when instead of coretrap came out core discharge. Bottomline, I think I won't be labbing coretrap ever again due to it's ban in Ranked. Lab it for Kasual? And what's the point of practicing banned special if it has no reward? Fun? This game is no fun, it's an ultimate stress test.
Guess, I'll stick with frostbyte once again. Thanks for reading my cry of despair.