Question Arcade Stick Users In NRS Games - The Lack Thereof

Discussion in 'Fighting Philosophy' started by AbeW, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. AbeW

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    I am curious to know why there are barely any arcade stick or all-button stick (hitbox) users in NRS games. The only player i know on the NRS competitive scene is PerfectLegend. If you look at the SF or Tekken scene, most of them are stick users. Granted, all the pros in SF and Tekken are Korean/Japanese and sticks are the norm there.
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  2. Rathalos

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    For MK at least, I never found a good place for the block button.
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  3. ChoseDeath

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    I would wager it's because of the input differences of special moves. But I play Street Fighter and NRS games and I only use a pad. I have tried a stick and I did not like it, ESPECIALLY for these games.
  4. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    So i take it that most of the NRS guys don't play Streefighter/Tekken? or are only casuals at it? Because if you're a serious Streetfighter/Tekken player, you tend to have a fightstick (be a fightstick user).
  5. Mikemetroid

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    I actually use stick for every MK... except for MKX. Even IGAU and INJ2 I use stick... there was a very specific reason why I didnt use stick with MKX. Basically, Input Shortcuts just NEVER worked for when you 2in1'd special moves.

    For example, with Johnny, if you did F3 into nutpunch, you had to be precise.... So if you had input shortcuts on, :l:qtl3 would work and the move would execute just fine... however if you did any sort of string into nut punch... say liks 113:l:qtl3... the nut punch wouldnt come out. This was the main reason why I played pad in this game, you had to be strictly accurate with special move inputs. This was of course not done in INJ2.

  6. Evil Canadian

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    A lot of it is on the japanese layout of sticks so there's not a convenient place to put a block button. I played MK9 on the pdp classic stick and could play any modern MK on a stick that used the classic MK layout.

    That said I have a mixbox now since I was sent one for review purposes and I am gonna give it a shot for mk11 since its control layout is basically "better" for NRS games.
  7. ChatterBox

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    I played stick for all four NRS games and haven't had a problem. It's just a matter of preference. Changing the buttons to suit your hand placement helped me a lot.
    1 2 3 4
    That is my MKX layout and I think it functions great. Fingers can rest on the top row and thumb sits on block so you have access to everything nice and easy. Stick motions didn't do me wrong in MKX but as mike stated, playing Johnny did require a pretty precise input. I had it down, as well as I got with anything else, while just practicing combos and setups with him.

    Seems to me that since NRS games don't require diagonals in the special move inputs that pads don't need extra practice to get the precision/ease of a stick like in a lot of other fighters.
  8. I pretty much exclusively played nrs titles with pad for years without problem, but recently i expanded to some jp fighters. Found myself buying a stick and it helped me a lot. The biggest thing is combo timing. Because of the nrs combo dial system, timing is small factor. But with jp system you have to time each move, so it helps to practice with buttons that you can press with higher finger velocity and have audible cues. The other thing is half circle inputs. I just couldnt get them consistenly on pad but i can on stick. Nrs games however do not have half circle inputs.
  9. because they don't produce sticks so they won't make "pay-to-buy-sticks-to-win" fighting games. I'm glad all NRS games can be played very well with my computer keyboard (lol) and PS4 pads
  10. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    I'm a stick user and this is my configuration for modern NRS games, there is a bunch of players in here who uses them but the way people configure the block button varies, but i found this way to be the most versatile to block, move and even perform eX moves

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  11. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    I have had input shortcuts off for as long as i can remember now. What's a reason you would like to leave them on? I've been exclusively using hitbox controllers in MK for a li'l while now (So, I can't remember issues i had when i was labbing with a stick on mk). I do consistently use my Qanba Dragon for SFV.
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  12. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    Yes, that is the button layout i've been using for a while as well (feels the most optimal). INT and THR are switched in my case.
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  13. SonicNinja3532

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    The main reason imo is that there's no real need. Compared to street fighter which has charge inputs and dp inputs and Tekken which has a lot of 2 or 3 button inputs and KBDs, there isn't anything in NRS games that a stick could really and truly make easier.
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  14. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    Biohazard is a stick player in MKX. I know that cuz I faced his Ferra/Torr in Viennality. Originally, I'm a stick player, but in NRS games I play only pad due of their gameplay controls I got used since I started playing competitive in MKX. NRS games are the only games I ever play pad. I play all the other games with stick.
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  15. mastermalone

    mastermalone Use only logic, please

    The block button for me is always set to the first bottom left button which translates to A(Xbox)/X(PS). My thumb is always at the ready for blocking/Enhanced moves.

    I play most fighting games exclusively on stick. Sticks are what I grew up using in the late 80's and early 90's due to the lively arcade scene of the time. I used to play on pad during the PS1 and Saturn days but then I would try taking my Street Fighter skills to the arcade and fail since I lost the coordination to play on stick. In 1997, I bought a stick based on the advice of a friend. I trained for a couple of weeks to get my old stick skills back and I've used sticks for fighters ever since.
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  16. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    Of course, there are SF inputs that are too complicated for pad. Claw grip for tekken feels awful. But, a significant issue with pad is the lack of distinct precision buttons for directionals. Here's sonicfox praising a pad prototype that solves the issue with the ps4 or xbox pad.

    I primarily play cancel characters (hellfire, TG, Displacer, etc) and i don't have to worry too much about the drops and input errors i was plagued with on pad after i made the switch to all-button stick (much higher precision). I would say the same thing about precision for Tekken as well.
    Kudos to guys who are consistent on pad though!
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  17. Dizzy

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    Many prominent non-Japanese and Korean street fighter players use pad. I'm not as familiar with Tekken player preferences but I know there are top American pad players. I think it mainly just comes down to the pros in Asian countries used to only be able to play on stick at the arcades.

    While I always preferred stick over pad personally, I don't think either has an advantage over the other. Most of the talk you hear nowadays is whether someone thinks playing on pad is an advantage over stick, rather than a handicap.
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  18. Badboy Takuma

    Badboy Takuma you got caged, bitch!

    arcade stick > pad
    its not even close.
    ofc its a matter of preference.
    u can play on an pc keyboard if you like.
    the truth is most most players never learned to master an arcadestick.
    thats because they r pussys - as soon as they lose some matches they continue to play on pad again, lul.
    it takes some time to play on arcade stick.
    or, they are playing a trash game game with an trash input engine, like most nrs games.

    here 1 example what a trash input engine is:
    in street fighter when u press down+hk with ruy then you will get nothing but an sweep, no matter how fast you pressed it.
    in an nrs game you could get an special attack for it.
    somehow this happen less on pad.
  19. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    The "input shortcuts" on MKX is a plague and causes absurd issues. Turn it off and it works fine. I have no other issue with the engine. Tekken engine has its issues as well. Most people like to call developer screwups as "option selects"!!
  20. Scott The Scot

    Scott The Scot Where there is smoke, there is cancer.

    I play on Hitbox, it just feels better to me. Plus instant air attacks are incredibly easy to do. I also play Street Fighter and it makes charging feel easier for me to do. Also I like how I can visualise where the strengths of buttons are, compared to pad where it's lights and mediums on the square/trigangle etc and heavies on the bumpers and triggers - I've never played SF on pad so that is sorta weird for me to think about.

    Guess it's just preference.
  21. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    I use the All-Button/Stickless sticks (other vendors, not the one from hitboxarcade) for MKX and Tekken now and am well aware of all its advantages. I will use it on MK11. The issue is I have a decade and more of muscle memory built into a regular stick for Tekken and Streetfighter that its hard to unthink it. So, i use a regular stick for Street Fighter.
  22. FL Rushdown

    As a street fighter player I can say this is wildly incorrect. A ton of SF and tekken players play on pad. Pad players won Capcom Cup 2/3 years for sfv, and sf4 had an evo champ that used a ps1 pad
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  23. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    And Guilty Gears had a champion that used a steering wheel.
  24. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    Luffy winning Evo 2014 with a ps1 pad was such an outlier that everybody was talking about it. Outlier does not equal norm. I was there at that tournament. No, pad players didn't win Capcom cup a majority of the years. Feel free to go back every year for SF since the beginning of cacpcom cup and check.
  25. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    Don't get too carried away now. The wheel had all the buttons of a pad. In essence, it was a pad that looked like a steering wheel.

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