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Video/Tutorial Aquaman Video Thread

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These are usually a good idea to help organize, i will update the first post when necassary, and start organizing once we get some vids. So post your Aquaman videos (of all kinds) here!

I'll start, here are some matches I played against my Team Yardley partners
Match Videos
Combo Videos
Tech Videos
Strategy Videos

HGTV Soapboxfan

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To keep things simple, I am going to only put up match videos from tournament, except for mine, because I am biased (lol jk I just put mine in to fill the space in until I get other videos. What I need from the Aquaman community is a video of all his bread and butters. I will also be collecting a bunch of other peoples videos that are scattered around the site and youtube to put in this weekend.


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I see what you are doing here so I'll contribute to your cause lol.

Some BnB's as you requested.

Note: I have posted this before here, I hope that does not interfere with your post.

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Hey, if there are any videos from evo that are put up of Aquaman in action, tag me and tell me, I will gladly put them in this thread.


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Hi guys, I've been doing some combo videos and gameplay with different characters (haven't made that much yet), but just finished a combo video for Aquaman, I hope you find something interesting, this is all what I found with him in the lab, wasn't that much to find with his few strings. Enjoy!


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Updated with some videos. The only thing I haven't really been looking for is match videos so if anyone gets those and would be kind enough to post them here that would be awesome.