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[April Fool's Day] MK 11 unlockable teased in beta?


Cheap Kollector Rip Off

I dont even know if that is real or not

If it was, people would have found out on the first day of the beta

Im taking this with a grain of salt atm.

Saint Op Omen

Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...
I do know for a fact that did not happen when the beta ended or after any tower, I played dozens of them & was cut out of finishing my last match.
What do you think?
Will this be part of next Kombat Kast?

Edit: I suppose it's the wrong day to post this
its also the wrong day to believe this.
Well.. as 99% expected, it was fake but what do you think about this Deadpool version?
It was modeled by BadMouse (RatonMalo)
I made the watermark and edited the video