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Anyone playing on Xbox post your gamertag

Apex Kano

Kano Commando main MKX
I like to have more competition to play with. Since this game is fresh, it's a great way to get to know macth ups and learn. So post the characters you are using below and look for those who you want to train with

Apex Kano: Kano, Jacqui, Jax My up close grapplers
Jade, Kitana, Shoalin Monks. I play with them also when I don't want to hug folks.


Noob Saibot

Mains: Geras, Kollector, Noob.

Eastern time usually only after 12am depending on work schedule and if I'm on call and my fiancee's schedule. Will be on around 7pm in a month or so once her schedule gets ironed out.

Wired connection. Fiber internet.

Sesal Snow

Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts
XBL: Sesal Snow
Main: Kotal Kahn
Side: Noob, Kollector (Learning more still)
(From the UK))

Ck AeroVoid

this is An uninspired Custom Title
<--- same as that.
and I play everyone atm,
but mostly cassie frost noob and scorp
EDIT: I prefer to play with customs and am no competitive player...yet
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Most of my time played is with Baraka and Kung Lao. Didnt get to play much week 1 cuz of work but now im in the clear to play for awhile.

Anyone who wants to play sets with tournament variations add me.

Midwest and wired connection


Sunlight and Blood give me strength.
Hey Apex you know what it is:
GT: Somberless
Main: still haven't found one, using Sonya and Kotal.
Wired Connection

I'm looking for matchup practice, sharing tech ect. I need to play players who are better than me or ones that can adapt consistently and challenge the way I play.

Apex Kano

Kano Commando main MKX
Yeah GG man, you have a solid Geras and Baraka. I feel like I'm behind, I have so much shit to learn: Gaps, Flawless Block, All Krushing Blows, MU's, what character I'm maining, every characters block stuns and mixups esp Sub Zero.
That Geras seems pretty good counter versus Skarlett. I was forced to move around and not just sit and throw stuff. Good sets last night Brother