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Anyone playing on Xbox post your gamertag

Apex Kano

Kano Commando main MKX
I like to have more competition to play with. Since this game is fresh, it's a great way to get to know macth ups and learn. So post the characters you are using below and look for those who you want to train with

Apex Kano: Kano, Jacqui, Jax My up close grapplers
Jade, Kitana, Shoalin Monks. I play with them also when I don't want to hug folks.


Noob Saibot

Mains: Geras, Kollector, Noob.

Eastern time usually only after 12am depending on work schedule and if I'm on call and my fiancee's schedule. Will be on around 7pm in a month or so once her schedule gets ironed out.

Wired connection. Fiber internet.

Sesal Snow

Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts
XBL: Sesal Snow
Main: Kotal Kahn
Side: Noob, Kollector (Learning more still)
(From the UK))

Ck AeroVoid

this is An uninspired Custom Title
<--- same as that.
and I play everyone atm,
but mostly cassie frost noob and scorp
EDIT: I prefer to play with customs and am no competitive player...yet
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Most of my time played is with Baraka and Kung Lao. Didnt get to play much week 1 cuz of work but now im in the clear to play for awhile.

Anyone who wants to play sets with tournament variations add me.

Midwest and wired connection


MD| Soberless FGC
Hey Apex you know what it is:
GT: Somberless
Main: still haven't found one, using Sonya and Kotal.
Wired Connection

I'm looking for matchup practice, sharing tech ect. I need to play players who are better than me or ones that can adapt consistently and challenge the way I play.

Apex Kano

Kano Commando main MKX
Yeah GG man, you have a solid Geras and Baraka. I feel like I'm behind, I have so much shit to learn: Gaps, Flawless Block, All Krushing Blows, MU's, what character I'm maining, every characters block stuns and mixups esp Sub Zero.
That Geras seems pretty good counter versus Skarlett. I was forced to move around and not just sit and throw stuff. Good sets last night Brother