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anybody still play mk vs dc?


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I really don't and I have been playing injustice like everybody else but I came across this in my video game collection and was wondering if people still play this game?


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No not really. I played it a little bit before Injustice came out. I haven't really touched it since. I might get back into it though... :cool:


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I have it. A copy came with my Injustice disc because I bought it from Wal-Mart. I'm down for some games to learn if you are.


Today I've got this strong desire to see my two most favorite heroes of their respective universes together on screen at the same time again and see if I still remember what buttons to press with them.

Muscle memory works perfectly.

I really miss Pro-Moves and wish it was returned in one of future MK games, as well as Kombo Challenges.


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Oh man, its been 7 years now since the game's release, it was such an improvement over the older 3d games, a step into the right direction. I miss it. Liu Kang's design in this game is absolutely my favorite out of all.

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as well as Kombo Challenges.
HOW has NRS not implemented this mode into any of the new games? It's absolutely one of my most favorite things to do in fighters. Shit, I bought MVC:I when it was on sale for like 9 bucks JUST to do the combo challenges.

I'd love it if MK11 had a kombo challenge mode, but considering it's been gone for years AND the kombo system on the whole has been toned down, I don't see it happening.