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Any tips on wakeup options?

After im knocked down, I usually go U+3 then try to F2, 1+3 or B3, 2, 1+3. Theyre so slow and the opponent always block it and i get punished hard. I would try 22, 1+3 and it is faster but im sometimes out of range, same with the throw. Do you guys have any tips on what to do after the getup option?
I'm not at home, so I can't check myself, but my first thought to answer your question would be to go into practice mode and check the frame data for Jax's u3 wakeup, and check the hit advantage. Then look to see what strings/normals have faster startup frames.

As for being out of range, getting used to dash canceling normals and strings will help. It's an essential skill, especially for Jax. Try messing around in practice mode with how far away a normal/string hits from normally, then try to extend that range with dash canceling. That could help your neutral game as well as a wake up situation.