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Any tips for Warlock Shang Tsung?


I find myself having a lot of troubles with him but just now I beat him with regular buzzsaw projectile. If I knew it before this Kombat League wouldn't be such a nightmare. Any further tips?

Sage Leviathan

I'm platinum mad!
Accept that you will lose trades to the corpse drop.
Use the hit adv. of buzzsaw trades to dash in.
Flawless block ground skulls.
End combos in such a way that you stay close.
Use back throws more than forward throws.
-learn shang many gaps example b3u4.
-after the second ground skull bocked dash in for combo punish up close.
-shang only fast poke is a low 10f
-shang anti air arent the best.
-best tip againts shang is to be patient.