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Question - Tempest Any tips for the 2 frame link?


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So I can never consistently get tempests 2 frame link whether it be off B2, F23, whatever. If I get it in practice mode, like I can feel that I got it bc it just flows so smoothly, but I can never purposely replicate it. Is there anything to look for animation or sound wise that helps any of you get it? I just recently started playing Kung Lao and I got that long ass combo down pretty good, but I hear that the benefits of tempest is meterless dmg so I'd like to get this down as well. Any tips at all would be greatly appreciated
I think its just muscle memory , im trying to think of something that would help but i think the only thing you can do is just practice constantly and eventually you'll get it down. Atleast thats how i did it. Maybe the sound of the hat hitting them would work as some sort indicator but then again its a really tight link so i dont know if its actually reliable, and also f23 hat doesnt link into 44 outside of the corner.

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Yeah just practice until you get the "feel" for it since audio and visual cues don't help much. That's offline however. With online delay, if you're tapping 44 right as the hat connects off a 11212 (4) or a b12 link then it chains pretty consistently in my experience. Try not to mash out the 44 though.


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It’s not that difficult once you get used to it. I’m not a particularly great player and I can get it maybe 80% of the time


Get a hitbox/stickless controller. More forgiving on 2 frame 1 frame links and makes things more consistent.