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Any suggestions for ways to visualise your controller on screen (Windows)


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
Hi there.. I stream fighting games and would like to start having a visual gfx of my controller that shows my inputs. I have found a few options but none really do what I need as they I am not able to customise them. I mainly use a device called a HitBox or a MixBox.

I basically found two that seemed really good..
Both of these use web browsers and you add a url source in OBS to use them.. You can even have the browser minimised or run the game full screen no issues.

The problem is that neither of them are really editable. HitBoxes and MixBoxes have pretty unique layouts and I would like to have the GFX closely match them. I have been using FightStick Motion for a while, but it buggs me I can not have a proper GFX for my controller.
What I am looking for is basically the exact same thing as fightstick motion but with the ability to edit the images used. In FSM you can edit the image but NOT edit the stick part. You can change its colour but it is always going to be a stick. GamePadViewer has no skin options at all. All skins are made by the guy that runs the site. As far as I know you can't make your own skins at all.

Any suggestions for a way to do this



some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
turns out I could do it all with FIGHTSTICK MOTION....

Turns out the app has a cool "input history" as well.. Not sure if I like it.. but you can set it horizontal or vertical.. but can't set it to go left to right or down to up.. nor can you change how stacking buttons works (like pressing 3 at a time). As you pretty much only ever hit 2 at a time in MK... I set it horizontal and lowered health bars and put it at the top of the screen.. not sure if I like it or not.