Any Australian players here?

Discussion in 'World' started by Nudge, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Nudge

    Nudge Noob

    Yea the game was banned, but it didn't stop the persistent from getting a copy though. Just wondering if there are any other Australians on here to match up with?

    Found about 5 players across 2 states over on MKU, hoping theres more here >.>
  2. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    I'll be living in Sydney in a couple months here. So me, technically. Just not yet. :p
  3. Add me if you have Xbox live same as my name
  4. Ulturas

    Ulturas Noob

    There's actually around 5-10 solid players that are always on every night playing MK9 in the Aus channel shouldn't be too hard to find people to play with bro, you can add me on Xbox live if you want, same name as my username on TYM :).
  5. I wouldn't say theres 5-10 solid players every night.. theres at most 4 most of the time.. I struggle finding any more than that: a) because I'm a noob. b) I'm only on after 8pm when the baby is asleep!

    Add me on Xbox live: chemNova

    I'll be the one attempting to win with Sektor :)

  6. Ulturas

    Ulturas Noob

    I've never seen you online dude lol... I'm on every night from around 9pm - 12-1am (my time which is Brisbane time or whatever). Right now I'm on and there's around 9 people and a few more on my friends list that are just playing with friends lol.
  7. karizzma

    karizzma Noob

    You guys can add me on xbox: karrizzmacs

    Im not actually from Aus but from NZ so only across the ditch. I think I have played a couple of you guys in the Aus room before.
  8. Every time I'm on theres only around 5 people.. if that. And most of the time, because theres so few they are constantly in-game just replaying each other so you can never get a game. Then theres the people who jump into the AUS room from overseas and lag it up :(

    I'll be on tonight after 8pm VIC time.

    PS: Add me then so I can find you all easier! :)

  9. miloPKL


    main kung lao, i will play regardless of how many games i lose in a row. prefer long 1v1 sessions but also enjoy Koth when there is
    not a long wait. i also use noob scorp and cyrax but mostly kung lao.

    im looking for a mentor and practice partners likeminded to myself, who dont care about their ratio. losing is learning in my eyes. i will play anyone of
    any skill, we all just want to get better and learn, so lets respect each other and practice together. i cant get better if you just quit after winning 1 or 2 games. and neither can you! lets stick it out.

    let me just stress that i DO use KL most of the time. im sorry if that bothers you. but you need practice against him just as much as i must practice him :)

    x5iVE STAR
    (space included)

    thank you and i look forward to playing with you.
  10. I always see you in the room dude.. but you're always in-game!

    I'm pretty average, but I love 1v1 sessions and could not give a rats about my ratio. I'll add you tonight!

  11. I think your KL is a little bit up on my Sektor still 5-STAR, but I'm getting there.. :)

  12. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    sydney guy here. im on ps3. any other guys from syd?
  13. Gilbagz

    Gilbagz Joker here~

    Yeah im from Sydney
    vs'd you a couple times before tony
    mainly on my brothers account though
    im the sub player lol
    my main acc is t2o_oblivion
  14. simtmb

    simtmb Noob

    I've got a UK copy for PS3, only really played the game for the first few weeks after release, even though i really like it.
    From what I've seen, there's barely any Australians playing my version on PS3, but I'll post here regardless.

    Such a shame this game was banned..
  15. axeman87

    axeman87 Noob

    Mr Zobo
    Yep, from Brisy. MK fan since day one, but I mostly suck at fighting games.

    Playing MK9 most nights but usually in practice mode trying to elevate my skills above 'completely ******* hopeless'

    Anyone that needs a punching bag can hit me up.

    Oh... and Hi all... its my first post.
  16. Hi there! :)

    I've just moved to an arcade stick, so I'm basically back at completely fucking hopeless too. I play most nights as do quite a few of us. Come KOTH with us sometime :)

    XBL: chemNova.
  17. chrisisnice

    chrisisnice BURN FOOL!!!
    Premium Supporter

    Play me... I completely suck at this game and spent my time getting my arse beaten :)
  18. axeman87

    axeman87 Noob

    Mr Zobo
    Hey all, since playing MK9 online in Australia is ****** bullshit (for me anyway), I was thinking it would be cool to actually have a tournament or a fight night kind of thing.

    With it being banned in Australia though, bit hard to get too vocal about it, and Legitimate Tournaments like the effin sweet **** EVO is completely out, but there must be more players in Brisbane that are thinking the same thing.

    Thanks for the games online guys, but the lag makes it unbearable. I've looked for some other Aussie players but havent found anyone in Brisy.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  19. axeman87

    axeman87 Noob

    Mr Zobo
    Well then.... I guess I'm the only one.

    Someones gotta get the Aussie scene started. Guess it'll be me.

    So with that said. I'm putting together a friendly tournament by myself with 1 other mate. There is only the 2 of us who actually play MK9, but luckily we have about 6 open minded friends who will be up for it. Hopefully everyone likes it and we do it every month.

    I'm calling it the first unofficial MK9 Tournament in Brisbane... with 8 guys, only 2 of which actually play MK9... We'll all be smashing beers as well so should be a good night and I'm hoping the others will be mad keen on MK9 after it.


    Hey guyz,

    I'm just starting on MK9 now for XBOX 360
    I'm an Aussie living in ADELAIDE.

    GamerTag is PETESGOTU. ADD ME !

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