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Anti Wakeup Tech(Be safe on their WU)


MD| Soberless (Terminator-Final Judgment)
When you knock down your opponent in this case Baraka you can buffer Backdash into B2(Hold) a 34f overhead that Krushing Blows everywhere and leads to combo in the corner. The Krushing blow will get you 38-50% depending on ender and combo choice but the easy combo to use off this tech is:
B2, Forward Dash xx D12, D12 xx DBF1(Quad Grab) 2, 4, 3 all at last possible moment.
The Quad Grab does require you to press the buttons in the last 3 frames on each one but other than that its easy.

But an even easier one is:
B2, Forward Dash xx D12, D12 xx BF34 for about 38%.

Buffer Backdash Cancel (Anti Wakeup Tech)

This tech beats U2, U3, Wake up Throws, Wakeup Normals, Wakeup Jump, and is safe on Forward Roll, Back Roll and Delayed Getup but is best used in the corner where Jax shines it can also beat Rolls but the timing is strict. I believe this works against most characters and can be used by all characters(Except Kollectors U2 range) just need to have a decent string with good range and hitbox. For example Kollector has F12, Baraka has B31 etc.
You just have to time the buffered Backdash and immediately cancel into the button to stuff wakeup options while they are in recovery.


I'll post video as soon as its done downloading here:

Its worth noting almost every character has this tech, all you have to do is lab it up.
Props to @SHAOLIN for making a Universal OS tech which made me lab up alternatives for those that have a harder time with OS timing.
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MD| Soberless (Terminator-Final Judgment)
I was going to say isn’t this basic wake up counter, unless you just stuff them with a low
To me and you its basic but not everyone. I've seen a ton of people complain about wakeup options being to strong(even though there us a OS and universal tech to beat them) , pokes jailing(even though you can block and counter poke on reaction) , and jumping being to strong(even though you can AA on reaction) , and throws being a 50/50(even though you can tech either with OS).

I've moved past arguments and went on to making tutorials.


Backdash into B2 is how I get the B2 KB a lot of the time for sure.

Re: the OS, if you mean the :d:blk:r:fk, I was messing with that a lot today and it's not as universal as you'd hope, reacts with the kick on Cetrion's U3 so you both just trade but she's armored so gets 9f adv, etc. It's super useful in the Skarlet matchup though, she doesn't have anything that beats it out.