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Anti-Jade Tech with Geras


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I wonder if she could parry that knee (F3), or if he is actually considered airborne


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TFW anti Jade tech turned into anti everyone else tech. Cassie is also considered air-born after B24 :eek:

EDIT: wait no, the opponent is airborne after that string not her.
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He looks airborne cuz of his animation, thats why he goes above that low move, but he actually isn’t so you can parry it normally and cant do dvorah aa special.
Tho if you hit out of f3 startup he will be considered airborne and be juggled of it


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No, I realised that if NRS wants to make Jade not utter bottom of the barrebottom's bottom trash, they will, whether I go on and on about her problems or not.
Meanwhile, I paid a lot of money (in the third world where I live that's 2 months of saving up) for this game so I might as well have fun instead of being annoyed.
I have better things to do with my time than try to convince inconsequential morons that a character they aren't interested in playing, do not want to have to work hard against and know nothing about, is actually easier to beat than they already think she is.

"Oh no, I lost to a Jade before, she must be absolutely amazing especially because the best player in the world did well with her in a tournament against people that never labbed this character. People he beats with DVorah too anyway."

So this may be my very last post about Jade for a while, a day, or preferably forever.

To all my fans:
If you think she's good in her current form, you're an idiot and get to the lab before you open your stupid ass mouth.
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