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Anti-air/Jump in Kicks


Hi , I have recently returned to UMK3 after not playing it for over a decade!

I have a question with regards to air/anti air.

how do I counter repeated Jump in Kicks?

I played a friend of mine beat me with just using this strategy (classic sub zero vs scorpion), despite me using fancy combos, and having played loads of MK9/MKX and SF4... I got beaten by a casual noob. Is there a simple and reliable counter to this? In other games I would just block high or pop up a clone/parry - however this doesn't seem to work at all in UMK3.

I tried blocking high - doesn't work as.

Tried punching - didn't work.

I then tried to beat him using his own strategy - however his jump in kicks always got priority/connected first? why is that?

I would be grateful if some UMK3 expert would share their knowledge on this matter, or at least provide a link!