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Answering to the Double Helix x3 Glacius ULTRA ENDER and getting prizes!


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FilthieRich of Double Helix Games recently posted up a challenge over on the Double Helix forums. The challenge revolves around Glacius and doing three Ultra's in one combo. The combos that you create will be based off of creativity, originality and getting three Ultra's in one combo! Rules and conditions are stated below. Hurry! You've got till tomorrow night!

To give everyone something to do over the weekend I would like to issue a challenge to the entire KI community:

(submitted by Zedox over at the DoubleHelix forums)

How do I enter???

- Perform the coolest match ender with (3) Ultra Enders with GLACIUS
- Create a video for the DOUBLE HELIX TEAM to review and verify
- *Share the link for me to review via PRIVATE MESSAGE
-*Await results on MONDAY December 16
Prizes: (1) winner!!!!

- Ultra Edition Code (to share with a friend)
- Autographed KILLER INSTINCT Art book autographed by all members on the team!!!
- T-shirt "My ultra is better than yours"

The DH Team will be judging off of the following criteria :

- Level of difficulty
- Originality

Additional Rules:
- The following combo can be done in TRAINING MODE
- Final Date of submission is SUNDAY NIGHT 12/15/2013
When you get yours, be sure to head over to the Double Helix forums and send @filthierich a PRIVATE MESSAGE with your video!

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Scorpion Scrub
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Nice! I love his EX Teleport uppercut lol. It def looks swag in combos
Yeah I tried the other EX moves I like the uppercut the best lol this was tough though man it took me a while to get down, specially the last charge ex upper cut don't think I could pull in a match.


Scorpion Scrub
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glacius and orchid are only one who can do that?
I'm not really fammiliar with Orchid, I know with Glacius as long as you can pull a hail (his projectile ) before the ender you can do another ender just like PND_Mustard did in his video.


Scorpion Scrub
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Okay I think Orochi won hands down. I'm getting hype!!
There's some wild stuff out there man, theres this guy that does like 8 ultra enders it's pretty good.

My combo you can actually do a cold shoulder charge after the last shadow puddle punch and do the last ultra ender after it hits, it's much more flashy but I had already submitted my video when I tried this so I didn't bother.

Was there an official winner announced for this?
Not yet, filthierich was playing last night so maybe he was too into the game that he forgot about it ;p
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