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Announcing The MK11 Arena League with a $1,100 Prize Pool for Season 1!


To learn more or to sign up,
CLICK HERE to visit the R1p's Arena Discord.


Just a heads up, today's lineup is seriously stacked! Stream starts at 1pm EST (3.5 hours from now). Come hang out and watch some insanely talented players try to kill each other!
Today's lineup!

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching Roethor's Rambo, do yourself a favor and drop by for his set, his Rambo is clean!!!
Oh, I see it is an EU only event.

Rest in peace.
Yeah, these are EU PS4-only, unfortunately. Hopefully enough NA players will join the community to facilitate a NA league. If anyone wants to join the community (you can even sign on as a commentator if you like), join the Discord. I posted an invitation to my KOTH a few days ago and we ended up having Roethor joining for a good 30 minutes, and I've gotten in great sets with some of the other sweats like ScythesandKnives and several members of the PHT clan.
Today's lineup:

If you're a Terminator fan, be sure to check out Gamebug's set, which may end up being against Roethor's sweaty Rambo! Chumi vs Heurisim and Aladar vs Matrix should also be some exceptionally hype sets! Hope to see you there!!!
I've been watching this to support my teammate EMPR | LINKO, but I will say that it is nice to see new (at least to me, anyway) overseas players.
Today's lineup!

Nugi's Sonya has gotten pretty scary, definitely one of the best Sonya players I know of. Gollywomp's Baraka is always a pleasure to watch. He was even recently cleaning up using the War Banner special! And, of course, AJ, Disarted, and LINKO will be absolutely insane sets.

As a special treat, we've got FALK on stream for the first time! Hope you can join us!

Current rankings (this is the largest image I could access, sorry for the tiny print!):
Yesterday's sets were some of the most insane and hype fighting game sets I've ever seen, no joke. Today's lineup is looking even more insane! When you've got the unstoppable Arnkratos up against Evo champ Disarted, things are sure to get nuts! And in the immortal words of Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne:

Stream starts in 40 minutes! Here's the full lineup:
Today's sweaty lineup! After NightBrodyaga's insane set on Monday, I am so excited to see them go up against the rival league leader, the unstoppable ArnKratos!!! That Terminator is next-level bananas! Here's the stream link. It goes live at 1pm EST, so 3 hours from the time I'm posting this.

And here are the current rankings. ArnKratos sitting on an 83% win rate against some of the most talented players I've ever seen.
The finals for R1p's Arena start in less than an hour!!! Vera will be joining as cohost! HERE is the link to the stream and here's the bracket:
R1p's Arena League finals start again in 30 minutes! The prize pool is up to over $1,100!!! Vera will be co-commentating and we even had the one and only MrAquaman drop by for a bit yesterday. Hope you can join us! LINK

UPDATE: Looks like there are server issues. If they aren't fixed within the next 60 minutes, the finals will need to be pushed back to tomorrow.

UPDATE: The servers are up! GRAND FINALS, BABY!!! Tune in to see who will be taking home that $1,100 prize pool!!!
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Congrats to the top 8 in R1p's Arena League Season 1!

Total payouts:
  1. Damastir - $397.80
  2. Makoran - $245.70
  3. Arnkratos- $175.50
  4. Disarted - $117.70
  5. Roethor - $70.20
  6. Podyan - $70.20
  7. Heurisim - $46.80
  8. Nightbrod- $46.80