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Announcing The Kolosseum Season II! Inj2, MKX, and MK11

The Kolosseum is back and better than ever with Season II! We decided to bring back a familiar format but give you the players more games and less downtime. We are bringing back a long point based season and a new format called Matchmaking. Essentially it will be like queueing for a Ranked match only amongst other competitors. Points will be on the line and if you place top 8 in matchmaking get ready to play on stream! Top 8s each week are single elim with some added flare for players and viewers alike. Round 1 is FT3, Semis FT5, and finals FT7. Make Top 16 in points at the end of an 8 week season and you are in the Finale! Good luck everyone!


If you'd like to donate to the finales, here are the Matcherino's for each game!

Watch these to have all your questions answered, player or viewer alike!
Season 2 Guide: https://youtu.be/DOSVsfjPI1Y
Player Guide: https://youtu.be/5yWAbuNyl-Q

Sign up at: https://smash.gg/kolosseum
Check out our website for more info on all things Kolosseum: https://kolosseum.gg/season2
Follow Our Twitter for news and announcements: https://twitter.com/TheKolosseum
Watch Live at https://www.youtube.com/c/KolosseumStudios

Any questions let me know below or join the discord! discord.gg/nDgzMQtbz3


Thanks for the mention, @RoboCop ! While I'm not expecting to compete, I'm not at that level just yet, I am very excited for this series and look forward to watching it. You do excellent work, @Mr Aquaman !

Update: Just noticed it's on PlayStation 4, so I couldn't compete if I wanted to, but again, very excited. I'll advertise this in a few other places I go to!
Wow, thanks for the update! Can't wait for Season II!!! I know we have a few players who were looking to get back into the kompetitive scene @Arqwart @ConeOnBricks not sure if you play on PS4 ever, but I think you'd do great in the Kolosseum. @Juxtapose has been improving like crazy, @Evantabes sweaty Cassie. I hope yall consider giving it a shot!
Unfortunately no console play here, just PC.

Best of luck to those who take on the challenge in season II!