Announcement Coming "Soon" for Next Week's Kombat Kast W/ an Unannounced Special Guest Joining

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Circus

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    The clip above says it all.

    It's a special guest that they are super excited for. Who do you guys think it might be? Apperently 16-bit is really excited about it, but that goes without saying lol.

    Could this be the real person that Ed Boon was excited about face modeling for one of the characters?

    Is this the Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Shang Tsung announcement we've been speculating?

    What does this special guest have to do with the character they are breaking down next week?

    So many questions.:d:r:eek:
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  2. Rezk

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  3. aldazo

    aldazo Waiting for MKX

    John Cena, he will voice tryker. :rolleyes:
  4. My bets are on the former...UFC bantamweight champion of the worlllllld....ROWDY! RONDA! ROUUUUUSEYYYY!

  5. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx "Have I ever not been right?" -Patrick Star, 2001

    Probably Grey Meta on Twitter she's the senior cinematic artist and they've talked about wanting her to be on one and talk about fatalities cause she works closely with those. Though Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa would be dope.

    But, y'all gotta stop getting your hopes up for these reveals. They say they're excited about a guest and y'all immediately jump to a Shang Tsung reveal?? Then when that doesn't happen people are gonna get mad and blame NRS. Chill. Just wait and save the hype for when they start genuinely teasing and the day of stream. Stop setting your expectations so high and then letting yourself get disappointed. :rolleyes:
  6. Kroaken

    Kroaken Life is a block string with no gaps.

    Hnnnnggg. Too late. Expectations high. Look ooooouuuuttttttt!
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  7. Johnny Based Cage

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    “Soon” is a clue.

    “Soon” backwards is “Noos.”




    Noob Saibot confirmed.
  8. Circus

    Circus Part-Time Kano Hostage

    TYM after the stream today:

  9. leoj89

    leoj89 Noob

    Yeah guessing it's a wrestler or MMA fighter.
  10. RothVI

    RothVI d2 Spammer

    Why would they be excited about someone they work with? It's definitely not a Shang Tsung reveal though.
  11. TheJaquio

    TheJaquio Noob

    This. All he said is:
    • Kombat Kast next week
    • There's a special guest
    • I'm excited (which he always says, because it's his job)
    The special guest could be Ed Boon or a staff member for all you know, which they've been known to do a lot.
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  12. Saint Op Omen

    Saint Op Omen Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...

    Saint Op
    Its the second assistant prop naming designer. ..he is very well liked, just wait to you see how excited he makes everyone.
  13. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage The Shangest of Tsungs
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    I mean did you see that mobile garbage they were excited about in today’s stream?
  14. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    If it does end up being her, then they might be showing D'Vorah. She was saying that D'Vorah had one of the grossest Fatalities ever, and I'm pretty sure she said she was the one who designed it and she was really excited about it.

    Maybe they will do a D'Vorah and Kano combo to get them out of the way.
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  15. trufenix


    are we the goat in back or in front?
  16. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl ON YOUR KNEES!

    They said special guest but did they say reveal?

    There’s some meat to the Grey Meta theory, as D’vorah’s fatalities are supposedly the sickest in the game and a dev was on twitter talking about how they couldn’t wait for us to see them.

    And she has already been announced, so maybe?
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  17. HeavyNorse

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  18. trufenix


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  19. Circus

    Circus Part-Time Kano Hostage

    This is a solid guess imo. It all adds up.

    Hoping it's not so straight forward though. I need a new reveal so bad. I'm dying.

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  20. RothVI

    RothVI d2 Spammer

    That could explain why the other guy said he wanted to peak his head in the room
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  21. Sablicious

    Sablicious Noob

    The "special guest" better not be another WWE nonentity. McMohan's infestation of U.S. politics should be where the coagulated bloody line should be draw against further metastasisation of this tumour...


    SHAOLIN 内部冲突

    You guys are getting all excited when it's just going to be Ronda Rousey as the special guest.
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  23. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    Because we rarely see those parts of the NetherRealm development team, and it's exciting for them to put those people in the spotlight for once?
    BTW why are some of you assuming it'll be Rousey or some other celeb who'll be there?? What could they possibly say or do to justify their appearance? The Kast streams are just a quick and mostly inexpensive way to reveal and show off the game, they're not these big deal marketing events like the MK Day Reveal was.
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  24. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage The Shangest of Tsungs
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    Oh “just” Ronda Rousey is gonna show up for a fucking Kombat Kast of all things lol sure thing.

    I think the chances of her ending up on that couch with those guys is about as high as her ending up in bed with them.
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  25. SaltShaker

    SaltShaker In Zoning We Trust

    Special guest Ronda sitting in for that exclusive Sonya gameplay breakdown. Get hype! [​IMG]

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