Angola finally has a chance to start over and clean with the new PR

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  1. Eddy Wang

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    Some of you may or not know what kind of country i do live, and i gotta say that there was even a time where discussing this in public would probably get me killed or arrested, under the rule of the old PR we lived a reign of terror.

    But his dark reign as finally over, it doesn't matter who you are in life, age is always going to catch-up and as it has happened to him, he was forced to step down so his team could win the elections.

    There is a lot to this which is super weird and confusing, there seems to be a strong conspiration theory in there somewhere, i dunno, and don't want to know.

    But the truth is, the person our PR pointed as his successor for the presidency changed the game in a way that every possible dirt and exploits the country had will be gone and going to be hard to recover from.

    The current president did the following in a period of one month:
    • Disscussions about the country state and decisions to it are now done live from the parliament, no longer edited footage with selected segments will be on TV any longer.
    • Gave a warning to EVERYONE (this includes the old PR and their children) who stole from the country and has their money outside of the country to bring into the country and create investments INSIDE the country, otherwise, all other international bank accounts will have the right to freeze their assets, no one will be judged, no one will be arrested, just bring the money inside the country.
    • Any goverment institule like primary to graduating school will be free starting from 2018 for anyone who wishes to go back to school and graduate.
    • Aproved the law of competition, new cell phones operators can now bring their companies inside he country and provide their services to the people, this was made to the only two cell operators we have can have a competition and provide better services since they can no longer deciding prices on their own and steal our money through phone recharge cards while selling us shit for exorbitant prices.
    • Fired a lot of journalists from the press (national news paper), television and radio, people that used to hide real information on their areas and i gotta say, i don't watch news on TV, hear radio news and read a national news paper in years, one of them can't even enter the palace and he seemed he commited a lot of crimes.
    • Destroyed an agency of importation that used to charge exorbitant prices to imigrants or people who wanted to start business in the country, its believed that the son of the old PR was the head of it.
    • All those people from important places he didn't remove, gave them 100 days to put in work and show results, the one who don't present good results or improvements after 100 days its going to be fired
    • Not sure about this one, but it seems chineses will come to build cellphones from here so we don't have to import anymore.
    • Satellite is scheduled to launch next year so all TV, Radio stations and cell phone operators will all move to the satellite.
    • A new internet cable is being pulled from Brasil to Angola, its going to arrive next month to improve the internet in the country giving competition to Angola cables, its unkown which areas will benefict from the new cable yet, the current one is very limited and my area can't have it and they don't have plans to come where i live in the next 40 years, yes i had the chance to talk with one of representative director and she told me along side a friend of mine.
    • Cabinda (an Angola province who is way separated from the rest of the country, will have their plane price dropped from 300$ to 100$ a round trip flight when they have to come to Luanda(capital).
    • We will be able to flight to South Africa without requiring a visa.

    During the reign of the past PR we know there were 3 generals along his side, when the new PR took the throne one presented his resignation letter, the other two were removed from their cargos, they seemed to be the advisors of the old PR and there is a lot more to it so it seems, but these things are such a sensitive matter that i rather not talk about it (yes i'm still afraid even for publishing this thread, so don't put this anywhere else, there is still a chance i might die)

    Anyway, the changes so far seem pretty positive, i dunno what he plans to do next, but so far we're going into the right track, if this means chance of knowledge for everyone, better life quality services, me getting to play online finally, maybe plane price drops will also increase and give us the oportunity to travel only only to South Africa for tournaments, but also traveling overseas much easily, and economy stabilization its a pretty damn positive change considered the last 3 years where this country went to worse than shit from the shit it was already for the past 30 years.

    I think i can finally start thinking for my country in the future and create projects dedicated to it if that's the route its going to be taken.

    To this event of changes, Angolan gamers are calling this even the "JLO patch" which JLO stands for João Lourenço the initials of our new president and due his ruthless nerf to corruption and such we called him Paulo JLO Garcia.

    He pretty much is changing the game in ways no one was though to be even possible without a complete shift of power.

    I never seen an foreign criminal on a TV in the past 30 years until last week, being able to hear truth on TV feels refreshing lol.
    Just hope this is for real considering the amount of shit we gone by, some of you know because i talked to some of you last year about some shit that went down and the midia hid it.
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    IDK I wouldn't be too hopeful If I were you to avoid getting burned at the end of the day politicians will still be politicians his actions next year will be more telling though
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  3. Eddy Wang

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    could be, but it seems the old man is seriously no joke.
    Remember the 500k € watch the youngest son of the old PR bought? It came out on TV yesterday in the footer that the Current President told him to give the watch back lol.

    Not only that, the old PR's first daughter was ilegally the CEO of the national oil firm (Sonangol), PR fired her 2 days ago.
    Terminated the contract of the company westside and Semba Comunications attached to the second channel of the Angola Public Television both filiated by the old PRs so, all coms bullshit will be gone by next month, on top of we being able to hear and see actual news on TV now.

    And it seems our satellite will be here in the next December 7th and the cable latter on in the same month:




    The company i work for was put into side by you know who sons and we're like months without a single payment from the goverment, this will be his ultimate win, because the company we had partnership with its a goverment afiliated company and they owe us a lot of money, don't seem to be willing to pay, pretty sure they will be fired as well i'm just waiting, when he tackles this issues its gon be gud.
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    Bruh, I'm so happy that your country is doing even better than the last years. Your country isn't the only one. E-V-E-R-Y country is going complete shit due of those who do NOT represent the locals and are NOT even locals (I mean that they have their REAL ethnicity hidden).

    And as I always have said:

    "Every good have always a disadvantage, like every bad have always an advantage. Nothing is perfect."

    Just be careful and hold a small casket about your new PR. Maybe he's doing some good shit, but he might do something BAD for your country.
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  5. KHTC Takgillo

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    I still say give him a year they all start good
  6. Bruno-NeoSpace

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    Damn! That's a crazy shit... :eek::eek::eek:

    Maybe we could play :D
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  7. Eddy Wang

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    That's what i expect

    If he wants to win the next election he will have to keep doing what he is doing.

    The political team seems to be split ever since he won, the darkside don't want to work with him, so he built his own to aid him into achieving his goals.
  8. THTB

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    x THTB x
    Glad to hear your home country is looking to improve from the previous leader. I know from the limited talks in the past we've had, shit was pretty fucking messed up for you guys.
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  9. EntropicByDesign

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    Good luck man. A lot of that sounds like a really solid start to better things. Who knows what things will look like down the road, but it sounds like improvements are already happening.. and if he's after the people who were criminally responsible for the previous regime.. well, it's all potentially good shit.

    In stable countries like the US we forget, and many outright don't know, that some parts of the world are still the wild west.
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