Ambidextrous Execution.

Discussion in 'Gameplay Topics' started by Doctor Angel, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Doctor Angel

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    This is mostly a Kabal issue, but it falls in line with plenty of other characters I've played - Freddy, Liu, Stryker, and Sektor come to mind - so I figure I'd broaden the scope, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who has issues with this particular issue.

    I feel like Zoolander, because I can't turn left.

    What I mean is, I've always had issues with certain characters, especially now with my pursuit of Kabal, in that I've always played a LOT more accurately fighting from one side of the screen in comparison to the other. Not so much so that I'm dependant on getting to my favorable side, but enough so that it's enough of a pain in the ass to make it a thread.
    I'm always much more efficient fighting from right to left than left to right. My F4/B1/D4/2/F3 NDC's never miss, my iAGB's rarely shoot blank, and I'm just generally a lot more comfortable with that rhythm. I go from left to right, and even though I'm still getting most of the bits and pieces right, there'll always be a standing 4 that was supposed to be an F4, a committed Dash that was supposed to be cancelled, less consistent iAGB's, etc...I'm working on it, improving it, focusing it's fucking frustrating, but I know over time the muscle rhythm and reflex will kick in and make it more tolerable.

    Anyone else have similar issues in their ways?
  2. Its all in the practice mode. start trying things from the other side instead of the right
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  3. Deity

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    I used to have this issue. Whenever I practice now, I make sure I practice everything on both sides.
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  4. Gh0sty

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  5. Spletty

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    I have this problem in tekken. I whoop ass from the left but can't land a single juggle from the right lol
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  6. Ninj

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    Hitbox removes this problem, among all other human execution error.

    Just sayin

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  7. Juggs

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    As oppose to Alien or Dog execution error, of course.
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  8. miloPKL

  9. I blame it on game developers not adding in a quick restart for BOTH sides for practice mode. :p

    Good thing TTT2 added it!
  10. Shadow316

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    What's this?
  11. Doctor Angel

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    It works fine for everybody else. Cyrax, Sub, Ermac, Kenshi, Sonya,'s the really pinpoint pieces of work ala NDC's & Skarlet's Dagger Cancels & such that give me trouble.

    I thought about it, but I've spent way too much time/gotten way too comfortable on pad to switch now. The sooner the new pad & converter - that I've had to put off FOREVER until I finally went back to work - get here, the better.
  12. Ninj

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    One week on a hitbox and you'll never go back.

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  13. Doctor Angel

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    Believe be, my bloody friend, if I had the funds, I would've already given it a shot, comfort or not.

    Those things are fuckin' cool.
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  14. Ninj how much was your hitbox
  15. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
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    More expensive than it needed to be. it's the first dualmod my brother built so we experimented with the plexiglass top. I think all said and done it was ~$160. I fucking love it and will be using it for all fighting games I ever play.

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  16. @Shadow316

    When you are in practice mode and you hit the [Back] button it restarts you on the left side of the screen. I use this ALOT when learning new characters, it allows me to learn timing and rhythm of combos. Like last night I learned Kabals BnB by doing one move over and over and slowly adding to it until I could do the whole thing. I use [Back] as soon as I drop the combo in a spot to quickly restart instead of waiting for them to get off the ground. Or for learning to punish wakeups ie Mileena, sweep, wait for dive kick, didnt happen? hit [Back], repeat.

    Unfortunately in MK9 you cant do this on both sides so I learn everything on one side then transition the skills to the other later. In TTT2 you can choose which side so Ill practice on one side for like an hour then switch sides to practice everything on that side. All games in my opinion should have a quick restart for both sides, TTT2 is acceptable but a [Back]+A or B would have been more efficient. :)

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