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ALL Upcoming Mortal Kombat X Comic Summaries(Updated Chapter #15)


Organized and updated thread. Chapter 7 summary is out too.

As the Outworld civil war reaches its breaking point, Emperor Kotal Kahn sends his most trusted warriors to take down the would-be Empress Mileena. But what happens when a surprise kombatant joins the fight? Enter GORO, the Shokan prince!

Thinking Goro will be the one to kill one of his most trusted warriors.

Also @STORMS please move to comic section.


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Nice super update(remember reading about Scorp seeking Sub to find an entire city frozen, can't wait to see Sub freezing an entire city or how lol. Love it how they're not holding back the true power of these guys in the comic, and Raiden vs. Scorpion come on. Raiden's going to win, it'll be PIS if he loses to Scorpion, Raiden even beat him in Netherrealm where Scorp has the edge over everyone lol.

Calling it now, Kintaro or Goro will die...


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36 this year, then they'll do another season if they can
Thanks! that's a good number... I was trying to speculate if Havik or Reiko would make it to the game if they don't die before the release date lol I think it doesn't make much sense...