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  1. Eddy Wang

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    Welcome blade boogies, this will be your samurai Shodown(Samurai Spirits) all things, info gameplay anything, lets keep everyone in the loop to what's going on with the game and what we know so far.
    Samurai Shodown it used to be one of the most amazing fighting games weapon based in history and pretty much gave birth to footsies, but the game is also very rich in story and lore because it was actually well written, so don't freak out if you see characters that are unknown to you before.

    Characters confirmed (from the trailer and Charlotte warrior's frame picture which was intentionally put in the trailer)
    Haohmaru, Genjuro Kibagami, Ukyo Tachibana, Hanzo Hattori, Galford, jubei Yagyu, Earthquake, Charlotte, Nakoruru, Tam Tam.

    Characters missing from the frame that are from SS1
    Gen-An Shiranui, Wan-Fu

    Characters not seen in the trailer so far from cannonical SS1 and SS2
    Caffeine Nicotine, Amakuza Shiro Tokizada, Rashoujin Mizuki

    The game trailer sets a story from the era of the tokugawas, so its SS1 prequel, basically SS5 per say, which is what demograted to most of the story, so the title says Samurai Spirits(Samurai Shodown), so its unsure for now, if they will only use SS1 characters, or SS1, and SS2 or they will go beyond crazy and add prequel characters.

    About gameplay
    We know Oda who worked on SF4 gameplay is doing this SS, so that's an S tier pick.
    Game has sword clash minigames (SS1 and ownwards) if both sword attacks colide, it triggers a clash event, whoever presses the most inputs wins, the other loses the sword, if its a draw, both retreat.
    While retreating, you can use other moves like kicks.

    Power is in the game, Haohmaru does his traditional power move which break swords, uncertain to how its going to work so far.
    Zetsumei Killings from SS5 Special are also in the game as fatalities, uncertain to how its going to work so far, but they look beatifully animated.

    Everyone is extremely excited for this game, myself included and all the Samurai shodown community here in my country, how you guys enjoy the game, i will keep updating this thread with everything i find out there.
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    Why not post this in the thread already made about it?
  3. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    didn't want it to mix with the old arcade version, i'm that weird sometimes.
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  4. I'm interested to see how snk approaches this, whether it'll be more like SS2, a combo of previous games, or something totally new.
  5. d3v

    d3v SRK

    I was about to reply, then I realized that it'd just be you and me talking again, just like in the thread on Shoryuken.
  6. Haha yeah I was gonna say. But you never know maybe the discussion will be different here with other folks involved.
  7. Hara-Killer

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    All i want is Rasetsumaru and Yoshitora .... and maybe some epic:


    - BAOH
  8. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    Whats your take in this?
    I expect gameplay wise to be like SS2, the other gimmicks they added post SS2 didn't really worked well with the game though.
  9. What do you consider gimmicks though?
  10. C-Sword

    C-Sword Noob

    Charlotte confirmed by reporter, Samurai Shodown is being developed for R+18 rating (ex. has amputation effect), KOFXV also used Unreal Engine
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  11. Hara-Killer

    Hara-Killer Reverse Salt

    yesss finally we got some mature samurai fighting game nothing wrong to show violence and amputation...

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