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Video/Tutorial - Kung Lao (All Modes) Dive Kick Combo Confirmation (1 Bar - Midscreen).

Saltea Moonspell

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@ETC Mcfly

Brother, So sorry for the late respond. I have no idea how have I missed your post :(

I am really happy seeing you still labbing KL. I have recently found some desire to play. I dont play play even the 1/5 what I use to, but when my good friend comes over, we do some sets. @LaidbackOne

Now, I've been looking into your work and while indeed it could be the highest 1 BAR follow up, I think that in Hat-Trick variation, I'd prefer to go with b321 follow up, after the ex spin.

Two reasons:

1. Drop risk reduction
2. Hard knock down + hat set up.

In this case scenario, we sacrifice 3% raw damage but offense continuation is increased and position in which opponent is, its in hour favor.

@Eddy Wang , what do you think ?