All Gaps that can be armoured by Bane

Discussion in 'Bane' started by Cursa, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Cursa

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    Hey guys, I thought I'd compile a list of all the gaps that Bane can armour through. I've made a list for every characters but there's probably a lot still missing so if you find anything new just post it in the comments so we can continue bullying kids in ranked and get Bane nerfed finally.

    There are gaps between cancelling into certain special moves which I have added for some characters but I left some out because it's going to take awhile to test and I'm kinda busy and just wanted to get a thread like this rolling. Also note that about 95% of these also work for MB B3/F3 with a few exceptions that armour break.

    The hyphen (-) is where the gap is and is where you should try to do your armoured move of choice.

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  2. Marinjuana

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    Might be a dumb question but can't he armor through any gap at all?
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  3. Cursa

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    I always thought this myself but I figured no since otherwise back dashing out of a gap wouldn't be a thing since you could just MB B3 or something I think

    idk tho

    There's also a lot of string cancelled into special gaps that he can armour through
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  4. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    Also note that even though you can armour through them, there is always the option that the opponent just finishes the string early and punishes your reversal. Obviously this has some unique conditioning in certain matchups where you can force it to be your turn without having to commit to an unsafe special

    For example, Flash's F123 is a safe string but has a gap, yet F12 is an unsafe string. Once flash stops going for F12xxDF3 or DF1 or just the normal ender, since you can armour through it, you can begin to stop doing reversal DP's and instead go in for block pressure or mixups.

    In other words, literally just forcing it to be your turm through either raw strength with armoured specials and reads or by conditioning your opponent to allow for it to be your turn.
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  5. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    Goooood shit, man.

    I intended to do this a couple months ago, but am ultimately too lazy and undisciplined to ever complete an undertaking such as this. Impressive follow-through, man.

    If you want to make it even more gangster, you should make a special note of the gaps that can only be interrupted by Bane's trait (the "Baneable" gaps. The ones that can be neither d1'ed, backdashed, nor parried.

    Superman's 1(1) is the only one that comes to mind right now, but there are others.
  6. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose


    It essentially becomes the meta in the Catwoman MU. One of the reasons he contends with her so well, IMO.

    Also, it should be noted that due to the autoblock mechanic, you can option select the venom uppercut by mashing db2 repeatedly while blocking. Not only does this mean you can essentially break out of gaps you didn't even know about with ease, but you are also protected from strings that have an option with a gap as well as one without.

    The perfect example would be Catwoman's b12 string. If she does b12(d3), Bane breaks through the gap and interrupts whatever she was trying to do. However, if she does b12u3, you continue to block the final hit as though nothing happened.

    Just be sure to know when the blockstring is about the end so as to avoid performing Venom Uppercut as a reversal to the safe b12u3. And as always, watch out for the baits.
  7. Cursa

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    Yeah I was going to add stuff like this but like I said I just wanted to get this thread rolling because I think this is really where I need to improve my Bane game and be a real game changer in some matchups.
  8. ThaShiveGeek

    ThaShiveGeek Est In Harvey 1989

    Good shit!
  9. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    Yeah I already found that option select. Really useful against some strings that have mixups built into them but you can only armour one of them. I would put Raiden in this category as well

    Grodd is also another matchup where it's pretty good since stampede cancels pretty much mean nothing to Bane. Scarecrow plus frames, etc etc.
  10. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    I've also noticed that it's really hard to react to a lot of these in an actual match. The only one I've done so far (played about 15 games or so) was 11 - 1 for Blue beetle

    I just did it on that one cheetah string that has like 4 gaps
  11. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    I also think you can do that option select thing against Canary's 23 or 21 string which is a HUGE deal. You can't armour through 21 but you can through 23, so you just block low and mash a DP.

    Of course she could do something like 2xxParry (DF1 I think?) but you could use grab as your reversal special which ignores the parry. I look so forward to testing this out against an actual opponent.
  12. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    Beetle's 11(1)/11xxdf1 are another perfect candidate for the OS, provided you can mash well enough to interrupt his 11(1) and return from db back to d in time to block the low special.

    I've done it in matches but it probably requires some extra practice if you would like to perfect it.

    I pretty much db2 everything all day every day until people learn to bait it, at which point muuuuch more caution is required as the meta shifts to the one you mentioned earlier.

    Not to complain about Bane in every thread of his, but this is where he really begins to struggle.

    Also, the best OS for the Beetle MU is to select another character. That MU is terrible for us.
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  13. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    I found the Black Canary one quite hard to get consistently, since I was going DB (From crouching to standing) I would sometimes do it too early and get punished by 21 since as I stand blocked. But it's really just a timing thing, doing DBF3 would be difficult to do consistently.
  14. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    ^Much more difficult, and the additional 6 frames of startup make the armor much easier to break. Not even factoring in the potential for some of the normals at the end of strings or special cancels to have grab immunity.
  15. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    You can armour out of Level 2 Cry as an ender. As in 21xx4 has a gap at 21 - 4
  16. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    I got the option select down alright I guess for the time being.
  17. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    I'm going to begin adding some usual enders for blocked combos that can be armoured through by Bane, sort of like how I've done it with Flash as you can do String - DF3 as a armoured gap punisher.
  18. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    Updated Batman section to include gaps where Batman cancels into MB Up Batarang!
  19. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    Updated Black Adam section to include gaps where Black Adam cancels into DF2 to enforce mixups with his overhead enders!
  20. Cursa

    Cursa Noob

    Added to the Blue Beetle section by including gaps that Bane can armour through in Beetle's Float pressure! If any Beetle players can check it out and double check that they actually do have gaps that would be sick, since I think some of the gaps may simply be my lacking of his execution.

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