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AK/EMPR Saltface is officially confirmed for Evolution 2014!


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As I'm aware that @AK SaltFace is by far one of the most supported players in the Injustice community, I wanted to add to the hype for Evolution 2014 by declaring the following:

I completed his registration for EVO minutes ago, using the money from my own pocket. He will be set to compete in Injustice and Ultra Street Fighter IV next month. So to those of you who have always loved seeing his Harley Quinn kick ass and take names, you've just been given another reason to tune in...when the time comes, of course.

And before the question is asked, he is not required to represent myself or RM in any way. This is a sponsorship that comes with no strings attached from me. His tag will be AK EMPR Saltface.

So to the guy who's been a patient and faithful mentor ever since I moved to his territory in Atlanta, I want to wish him the best of luck at EVO. I believe in you, dude. You've got a lot of heart as a player and an AK teammate.

P.S. I put this in the Harley forum because, well, why not? She's his iconic character. :D


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This is truly a dream come true for me. I've worked my entire tournament career to fight at the World Stage. I will fight my heart out to make Harley Quinn Champion of the World.
I'm glad I will be seeing one of my bigfest inspirations fighting his ass off to take Harley to the top

SaltFace NS

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SaltFace, are you going to be using Doomsday at all or are you done with him?

Either way, Blake, you're an awesome guy for doing this. You truly are.

You have my utmost respect.
If a desperate situation calls for Doomsday then I probably might bring him out. Otherwise I'm staying all Harley.

good luck dude. make sure to enter the sc5 side tournament also. $1000 bonus! since i doubt decapon is going you'll be the best tira there
I totally forgot about the side tournament. I'll think about it though I'm totally outta practice lol.

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Yay go for the gold and then buy yourself a nice Harley mini statue with your prize money. You're gonna do great. PS don't wear the shirt...it's unlucky


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I cant wait to see you in action man, you out of all us harley's deserve it.