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Air Freeze, dodge?

Goblin Bones

Graveyard Glow
so i was playing live last night and happened to be recording it (lucky or else this might be hard to explain)shitty quality though) and my opponent happened to do Sub-Zero's Air Freeze , and as it fell above me I did a crouching low kick and it did not freeze me kinda in the same way as a crouching low kick against Sektor's Homing Missile. I'm uploading the vid to youtube as i type this but it wont be done before i have to go to work. i will though post it around 10am .

But i was just wondering if anyone else has had success building on this ?
you can duck low kick seevas stomp also

ded_ does it in this video 10 seconds in........i dunno if it works in the corner only or what



Jesus Fucking Christ
Goblin Bones said:
http://www.youtube.com/v/OWR3gT3MsnQ?fs=1&hl=en_US its in the first match
did it twice
HAHA. I hear him say "what the fuck?" before he drops. That's informative AND hilarious.

Goblin Bones

Graveyard Glow
GoldenOreos said:
ive done this before, but i thought it was luck. i guess its possible, crazy
haha thats how it came about for me i just did it cause i was playing him without block haha just figured it worked for sektor why not try it and i thought i got lucky so i tried it again and what do you know it worked.

anyone that wants to try to confirm or de confirm let me know what the turn out is (what characters it can be done with , where at on screen etc)
as you mentioned, it's more than likely character specific because the hitboxes for each character are different when doing a crouching low kick.

Goblin Bones

Graveyard Glow
xhChrishx said:
Got it to work with Jax a couple time today.
Very nice man , I know it works consistently with Nightwolf, but i tried with Reptile and didn't have any luck although i only get the chance when playing online with randoms. I also did the same thing with Night wolf to Cyborg Smokes Underground Uppercut but not nearly as consistent


Human Gameshark
I did this against the CPU once out of push button mashing and was amazed it happened.