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Tech - Aftershock Aftershock Tremor Instant-Air DD Inputs

Figured this method out by myself. It's a variation of the input used to do shinnok's IATP. Normally, for an instant air DOWN UP input, just hold down on the joystick and press UP UP on the dpad.

This is where things get a little interesting (and tricky, this took me some practice)
  • Hold DOWN on the joystick.
  • While holding DOWN, press UP
  • Let go of the joystick and press DOWN + 1.
Make sure not to slide your fingers between the down and up. It needs to be a clean input to get consistently.
I've got this input down and I can hit 3 instant-air ex groundpounds consistently. These are the fastest instant airs possible, faster than any simple slide method or even just really quick fingers.