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Afteraftermath leaks & rumors ... enter only with a huge grain of salt (Warning: Story Spoilers)

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This is what dvdgamescenter claims that is coming for mk11:


Let's unpack this. First, remaining characters: Havik, Daegon, Rambo (…), Taven/Shinnok, Takeda, Reiko, Sareena, Quan Chi. That's nine characters, but he keeps writing Taven/Shinnok like they're one character (doesn't make any sense at all).

Story apparently ends with Havik and Daegon having Kronika's crown and molding the MK multiverse into whatever they want (needless to say, I had an erection just by reading that).

Quan Chi pissed at daddy Shinnok for saying 'meh' and leaving him to rot while making D'Vorah his new bestie.

Claims he has detailed bios for all KP2/KP3 characters in his language.

Probability of bullshit: TBD.

EDIT: Rambo makes sense for those who want to see an Arnold vs Stallone fight ala MK.

EDIT: Moderators on reddit took down the leak, so here it is in all its glory, in text format:

I said I only post on this subreddit one more time. Believe me or don't, up to you. I told you Joker and all ninjas in one chameleonic character come in KP1 a long time ago, told you about story DLC, about Robocop last month, moderators can check my previous posts if they have that power to see what was written (year ROB was out, but I knew about him for 6 months now).

Aftermath 1 has Shang Tsung killing evil-Scorpion (yes, he dies again :D or is just trapped, but I'm pretty sure he dies), will end with a possibility of playing as either Shang Tsung or Liu Kang ("Choose your ending"). If you play as Shang Tsung, he become Ruler supreme of all the Universe instead of Kronika (who you fight again). If you play as Liu Kang, he beats Shang Tsung and apparently the good guys win.
KP2 is different from Aftermath. It has Fuiin, Sheeva, Robocop, Havik, Daegon and another guest, who was supposed to be Ash (but got changed), was supposed to be Michael Myers (but also got changed) and it's going to be RAMBO. Yeah, you heard me. This way you'll know I'm telling the truth.
KP3 contains Taven/Shinnok, Takeda, Reiko, Sareena, Quan Chi. I have description for all the characters in my language.
When Aftermath 2 happens, you'll see that none of the 2 endings really takes place, as Daegon and Havik take the Crown and shape a new Universe for their own purposes. However, the Elder Gods are not dead this time, but manage to escape in their own "Nexus outside of time and space", where we see them in their big forms with Shinnok bound in the middle (I have a pic of this). Quan Chi is apparently angry that Shinnok abandoned him and the Elder gods get him to help with a spell that purges all free will from Shinnok and makes him their weapon against Daegon, who now wears Kronika's Crown. Taven is seen in the shadow as the Elder Gods give him Shinnok to assist him in the "battle of all battles".

Daegon was originally supposed to be the assist for Taven in a Taven/Daegon player like Noob/Smoke, but they worked around that. They release Daegon as his own character and Shinnok, who was originally his own, will work as an assist for taven, assist who gets summoned mid-fight. Kenshi is dead and takeda is searching for his killer. The hero of this expansion pack is Takeda, who manages to defeat Daegon and get the Crown of Kronika back to the moment where Liu Kang got killed (the point from which he restarts the Universe). Takeda is with Cassie, Jacqui (no word of Jin) and offers the Crown to Liu Kang as he believes he is the right one to take Kronika's place. It is a bridge scene between the 2 generations. End of Mortal Kombat 11.

I don't know why they chose Quan Chi to be dlc again, I don't care about him, he just is. Originally it was that Ashrah woman, but they replaced her with Quan Chi (the full DLC was: 1: Shang Tsung, Mileena, Shinnok, Nightwolf, Terminator, Joker, 2: Sindel, Fujin, Sheeva, Chameleon (which they later used with Shang), Spawn, Ash Williams, Havik, Taven/Daegon, Takeda Takahashi, Reiko, Sareena, Ashrah- she was the last one, so they didn't even get started on working ). Originally Shinnok was supposed to be in KP1 as well. Actually, he was supposed to be in the main roster, but then they kept delaying him. And the 4 ninjas Ermac, Reptile, Rain and Smoke were supposed to be their own character, but then got put together with Shang, early before any was worked on much. In total there are 43 characters. You can buy the KPs separately from the Aftermath expansions. Guests are not part of the story expansions.

Other characters that were considered were: Tanya, Stryker, Argus, Delia and a new red dragonlike woman creature, but none of those will be in the game. That's all. Reptile, Ermac, Cyrax, Sektor were never consider for this one (sorry guys, I like them too).

Eventually all stages will get fatalities. We will get an Orderrealm stage with Aftermath 2.0. Havik has shaped a future in which titans and monsters are unleashed upon the realms and he watches as a God of Chaos. Hotaru and Darrius cameos, they are mentioned in Havik's description. There is also kombat league with banners of those 2 coming. Daegon rules Earthrealm and has killed everyone there. Takeda defeats him and he is imprisoned by his brother.

You're welcomed.

EDIT: He claims he knew about Robocop six months before the reveal (unproven)

Claims he knew about the Darrius Hotaru KL banner before it was announced (unproven)

Claims he has 20 pictures of aftermath 2.0 story at the place where he works (unproven)

Claims he knows the plot of the mk movie and the characters of the SEQUEL (unproven)

Claims he has character bios for every single future dlc character (unproven)

Claims that Sektor and Cyrax are not coming (unproven)

Claims that Havik, Daegon and Rambo will be announced in June (unproven)

Knew about the Choose Your Ending in Aftermath 1.0 (proven)

Claims that Ash was scrapped and at the same time negotiations are ongoing (wtf?!?)

Claimed that Shang Tsung would kill past timeline Scorpion (disproven, backpedalled a few days before aftermath's release and said that scorpion was merely defeated)
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Well, Daegon in KP 2 could sounds legit if NRS is gonna put Taven in KP3...

... BUT WHY RAMBO ??? LUUUUL. Is MK gonna convert in "80s Super Action Movies Heroes : The fighting game" ?? I hope not.

But :
  • Havik and Daegon leading the hourglass is kinda exciting for the next MK
  • there is Sareena, and every leak with her hooks me up
The leaker could show us that "pic" of Shinnok he has, so we could trust him.
I showed the picture to my source and he said that it lines up perfectly to what he has heard.

We'll know for sure around June when Rambo is going to be revealed. (Summer fest, I guess)


I am you
Rambo.... good news! they are running out of guests! #vomits

I actually hope it's only half true or less, even though it does sound very NRS.
What the fans want = now take 80% of it off + and let's do the unpredictable so our marketing is on fire for 24 hours on twitter! YAY

Not excited for more and more male characters. this game is a sausage fest!!!
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Apparently, Shinnok will be an invocation for Taven.
That's going to be weird. This is weird. But if say it's true:

Good: Sareena+Havik
Mixed: We have 1 last Guest but it's not going to be Ash Williams. I don't care much for Rambo.
Don't Know How To Feel: The Armageddon Bros with Shinnok being an assist?
Bad: Reiko, Fuck that loser.
Also People are going to be so mad about Quan Chi and Takeda coming back over the Ninjas, the Cyborgs and Mileena
Well with Taven and Daegon, they might as well be treated as brand new characters for NRS to work on considering there's very little worth bringing back from their debut.

Takeda will have drama with Daegon, People will want to see Quan Chi and Shinnok go up against Shang Tsung and Cetrion.
Reiko on the other hand...even I gotta say you should've ignored him and put in Ashrah, Ferra/Torr, Reptile, Smoke, Stryker, Ermac, Rain, Sektor, Cyrax, hell even Mileena. There's only so many times you can throw a Shuriken.

Ah well at least we got Havik and Sareena.


That's going to be weird. This is weird. But if say it's true:

Good: Sareena+Havik
Mixed: We have 1 last Guest but it's not going to be Ash Williams. I don't care much for Rambo.
Don't Know How To Feel: The Armageddon Bros with Shinnok being an assist?
Bad: Reiko, Fuck that loser.
Also People are going to be so mad about Quan Chi and Takeda coming back over the Ninjas, the Cyborgs and Mileena
I would be so happy if the quanfather got to come back
If this is true then I would be very disappointed with most of the kharacter choices as DLC. Just doesn’t seem smart at all if they wanna get people to buy these packs. If the leaks are true and 9 kharacters are left, then I’d rather see

Quan Chi
2 guest

Pit 1&2
Warrior shrine since it’s already in the krypt
Pit bottom
Living forest
Kombat Tomb


This will be interesting if true. Of course, most casual players won't be too thrilled.

And by casuals, I mean people that don't frequent message boards and pretty much just want every game to be MKT/MK9.
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