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AD Solo Interviews ALG Dragon


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

AD Solo recently sat down with ALG Dragon for an interview posted on her Youtube. They cover a variety of topics from Dragon's career to his training regiment to dealing with the haters he's gotten since his career has taken off. He even opens up about the Sonic vs. Dragon debate and his feelings on the matter. While this won't give you the secret to beating him at the next major, we do get a good look into the mind of one of the best players in the NRS scene. At the very least, you should give it a watch if you ever find yourself questioning your ability as a fighting game player; Dragon opens up about some doubts he himself had about his own ability and how he learned to just roll with things. We also learn the origin of his name and and one of his favorite foods.

As usual, you can check that out down below. If you liked what you saw, follow AD Solo on her Twitter and check out her website for more interviews and FGC content. If you want to keep up with Dragon, you can catch him on Twitter as well.