AD Solo Interview with DizzyTT at Evo2018

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By Charybdis on Aug 14, 2018 at 6:19 AM
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    The hits from an awesome Evo2018 keep on coming! One of the great things about Evo, being essentially the World Cup of fighting games, is the international pool it attracts and its incredible that people travel halfway around the world for the sake of this scene and community.

    On that note, check out AD Solo's interview with rising NRS young gun Dizzy! Dizzy has the grave misfortune of being British but this gives him a great insight into the differences between the American and British scenes, bolstered by the experience of his mentor FoxyGrampa, all of which you can hear about right here!

    Yes, the blonde British Rewind joke has been made.

    And if you liked what you saw here, go check out the rest of AD Solo's work. On her Youtube ( you can find other interviews with other top players from the NRS scene, including a recent talk with Deoxys that went up shortly before EVO and one with Semij from after his run to the semi finals!

    As always, check back to TYM every day for the latest in Injustice, Mortal Kombat and everything NRS!
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Charybdis, Aug 14, 2018.

    1. The- Prophet-Teller
      The- Prophet-Teller
    2. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      what happened? you look a little bit different as usual ;)
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    3. CrimsonShadow
      For a second I thought this was NRS|Dizzy -- and I was going to ask, "Who intereviewed that old washed up game developer?" ;)

      Edit: I'm going to modify the title a bit and add the 'TT', just so people aren't confused.

      P.S. He seems really mature and well-spoken for 16. Dope
    4. The- Prophet-Teller
      The- Prophet-Teller
      Show some respect for the LEGEND . I know you are trolling lol Dizzy is the best in my book . Killing kabals with Cage only on reads and footsies - BOSS .

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