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A Sub Zero deep dive podcast by the Netherkast


We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!
Continuing the sterling work of recent weeks, the Netherkast boys step up to the plate yet again in another display of phenomenal podcasting work!

Joining Baraka and Scorpion on the plate for the latest Netherkast series, 'Random Select', is the one and only (if you don't count his brother or their father or presumably a long line of ancestors in the service of the Lin Kuei), Sub Zero! And just like Baraka and Scorpion, Sub Zero gets the deluxe treatment, 90 minutes of discussion devoted to the mainest cryomancer in history! So join Cyborg, @DownfouralitY and guest CharlesAdamsT for to sate your MK11 thirst!

What do you guys think of the latest Sub Zero? Can we all agree his hat sucks? Will the Arctic Trap ever replace the Ice Clone or is the MK11 SZ community destined to be pining over a cold, frigid, heartless facsimile of a human being like me with my ex girlfriend?

Check out more amazing podcast content on the NK's Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcMPHTCJmlj7oZrwI8Q_Zg/featured
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Yup, his hat sucks... I feel disappointed that they didn't made him look more like Kuai Liang skin from MKX. He looks less like a grandmaster and more like great soldier of Lin Kuei.

Maybe character customization will make it better.


All hail emperor Liucifer Kang!
Sub Zero never looked better and his hat is waay better than that stupid Scorpions hoodie. It gives Sub the nice distinction that he is a Chinese ninja warrior and I can appreciate it,as should all!

Immortal Reaver

Team Sub-Zero
Back story of playing MK in arcades... fast forward.... saying he has a good speaking voice... fast forward.... commenting on gear aesthetics. pass