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A quick Hi .. and a Question

Just signed up on these forums so Hi all :)

Pretty much got back into the UMK3 groove when it came up on Xbox Live, man it brings back some awesome memories and this site is awesome.

I've been relearning all the big combo's and this site has helped a lot, but theres one thing i havn't been able to pull off, and that's scorp's anamality, me and a few friends must of tried his to death, so if someone could just verify it , or better yet hook up over xboxlive for a match =)

gamertag same as forum name, catch you all later and anyone who wants to practise thier combos send me a message, im pretty much playing it all the time at the moment


Welcome to the board!

I don't think Scorpion had an animality in UMK3 for the arcade. And doing fatalities/animalities etc doesn't really count as gameplay discussion either. That's more interactive fiction than gameplay.


Scorpion DOES have an animality in the arcade. He turns into a penguin and lays an egg under an opponet.
I did it at long last, actually rather alarminly i seem to do it every time now which makes me think what in the hell I was doing before.

Thanks for the welcome guys