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General/Other A NEW SKIN for Zod hidden into Zatanna's files.


I'd be fine with the same voice, the only thing that I really don't like is that really lame way he says "I win I always win" in his victory pose
I have to say this is the perfect excuse for me to play Zod, never could really get into the Dexter laboratory look it really grinded myt gears the way he looked... but now this costume YES FULL 100 TIMES YES, i could get passed the voice but honestly Micheal Shannon ALL THE WAY... douht thatll happen tho =S, all that work for a DLC character seems to expensive...


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Warner Bros. claimed copyright on the video. That's not a good sign. They didn't take down the Ame-Comi skin video, and that one was released. Maybe the skin really was just scrapped because of likeness issues?