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A few questions about Darkseid


Hey guys, my main is Darkseid and I love to zone. Thank god that shit show of a game MKX is in the past and zoning is back.

A few questions

1.) What is your favorite mid string to use for Darkseid?
2.) What string do you use to punish let's say a blocked teleport or charge by Bane?
3.) What's the most effective way to neutralize super gay's teleport?

Thank you


The Power of Lame Compels You
1.) His mids really suck but 22 is okay-ish. 21 is fine too but there's a big gap on block. You're usually going to be doing D1s more than S2s

2.) Depending on how negative the move is on block is what you'll be using. If you can punish with F2/B1 then you'll be doing that but otherwise 112 xx DF2 is usually what I do for meterless punishes.

3.) Bait it and block it.